Hated In Your ‘Hood…

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In Mark 6:4 Jesus states that  “… A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house…” This is the one thing that has kept me going in mnistry.

It hurts to be rejected by those whom you epect to embrace you. The people who you would think are there to help propell you only serve as a thorn in your side with envy, anger, manipulation and even treachery. However, it has been my eperience that  my outlook has to change in order to go on.

Imagine if you were at work, doing a job you are not necessarily good at and you are insecure about it, but have lapsed into a sense of complacency.  Another person comes in and does your job and theirs effortlessly. They garner the attention of people and the favor of leadership. One might now be able to see the catalyst for a person’s reaction. It is not that people who know you don’t like you, sometimes they just feel uneasy around such a glorious gift.

Please remember that the guy who has a Maserati and a Bentley, at some point takes them for granted. These are the premise for the idea that Jesus was teaching. Familiarity breeds contempt and we add value to things we consider exotic.

Don’t let the anger of those who contend with you to hinder you. Power down and go forward. We are often not called to people who are around us. We have the most impact on those who know nothing of us.


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