Nothin’ Even Matters….

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I have been in a whirlwind with the upcoming release of the new single and project. Radio interviews, Facebook & Twitter posts, Team meetings and Band Rehearsals. It has really been a busy time, but it is what I love.

In the midst of all this, I got a call from my wife that my daughter’s appendix had burst after she complained of a stomach ache the day before. As one can imagine, I was horrified. The whole world stopped and I ran to her side. When I saw her and she saw me, we both cried (okay, just a little). It was at that moment that I realized being an artist, preacher, professional or anything else was unimportant. I could hear a hook from that Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo song in my head: “Nothin’ Even Matters”. All that mattered was her.

In this music industry, there will be people who try to belittle you with their self-importance(imposed because they have made this pseudo-life their only life). We sometimes magnify ourselves to hold on to our fifteen minutes of fame. In the grand scheme of things, all that mattered was my daughter and I would have given up everything just to have her whole. The tours, the concerts, the opportunities are meaningless if she is in trouble.

As long as the ones we love are safe and God is the center of my family, nothing else matters.


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