10 Things Scarier Than Halloween

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While the Halloween Holiday approaches, I believe there are some things in society scarier than the one day set aside for Pagan practices. I fear these things more than mummies, ghosts and the occult.


10. That we will spend three hours in a church service.

I am absolutely terrified to visit some people’s churches for fear that I wont’ see daylight from an 11:30 service until close to 3pm. ((shivers))

9. Hollywood has corrupted the pulpit.

We have at least 10 Preachers who have nationally syndicated television programs on prominent cable networks, but yet none of them have committed to showing us the true mission of the church in any episode. Instead, most of these episodes focus on passing out money or investigating whether or not a Bishop is sleeping with his business partner.

On the flip side, there are four bearded hillbillies who have made billions on duck calls and hunting equipment and would rather do little more than hunt, fish and traipse through the woods. Nonetheless every episode of their show ends with a family prayer at the table and a moral lesson.

seems like the heathens and the preachers have traded values.

8. Ebola

The disease, itself doesn’t bother me in the least. The fact that every news broadcast in the last two months has mentioned the disease at least 19times per story is a little alarming. After all, people have been flying to and from Lima, Africa and many other disease-infested countries for as long as I can remember and we have never heard so much talk about it.

There have been check points set up in airports, special wards and treatment centers in hospitals for people “infected” with the disease. Yet, there is no system put in place for what is possibly the greatest threat of all:

People who come out of the restroom but don’t wash their hands!! these are the people who need to be quarantined.

7. Concealed Carry.

What frightens me about this is that this will change how we interact with people, how we respond to threats and personal crimes against us. It will even effect our worship services.

Imaging how much nicer that mean ‘ol usher in your church would be if she knew everyone was packin’


6. The NFL

It is amazing that there are two players in the NFL that have caused more controversy off the field than their playing ever could.

Tim Tebow has been reviled in the press for his Christian beliefs and open profession. However, his football skills have been under fire for some time. All the painful jokes about his convictions have been more than unsettling

Michael Sams kissed his partner on live broadcast of the NFL Draft. Sams, an open homosexual, was criticized by other NFL Players shortly after the incident. The league implemented a fine of $25,000 for anyone who made disparaging comments about Sams in any way. Where’s the justice? You talked about Tebow like a dog, but you are not allowed to say anything about a man kissing another man on national TV? This is ridiculous. Sams’ courage was hailed while Tebow’s faith was buried.

While on the subject of double standards, Ray Rice beat the crap out of his girlfriend, she went on and married this cash cow , anyway and now he’s under fire because the video was made public. He was suspended, arraigned and derided in the press for months. The tables have turned and the league is suspected of covering the whole thing up.

Meanwhile none of the players mentioned have a current contract with any team and their games have not been the stuff that sells Xbox games, anyway.

5. Obamacare

The thing was mandated for people without insurance. The website through which you register, crashed. Millions were corralled into the plan and less than half the participants understand it. Forget it, I’m moving to Canada!! For the record, I am not against President Obama. I am against confusion.

4. Elections

In Chicago, the Gubernatorial elections are upon us. Basically, I lost my job under the current batch of clowns and the competing bunch seem just as inept as they are rich. The United States is the only Democratic Dictatorship: we put people in office that don’t listen to us at all once they get there.

3. School Shootings

Let’s face it, there are more weapons available at schools that are predominantly African American. Yet, the shootings happen at schools that are predominantly White. This seems backwards. You see the interview after the massacre and a parent says:

“I don’t know why (child’s name here) did it. They just stayed in their room and never talked. They always had a problem fitting in…”

In my 20 years of education, I have been asked to hold a gun or two for a student in my time and never once did I feel that my students or myself were in danger. We’ve had full-fledged gang brawls that were confined to the members of the gang. They scared the crap out of everyone, but never was there an innocent person involved in the fray.

This school shooting has to stop. Let’s get some research going and some new pharmaceutical drugs to get these kids balanced and have them stop shooting up theaters dressed like cartoon characters and making bombs in the basement.

2. Pay TV is Gay TV

THERE IS A PROMINENT HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP OR SUGGESTED GAY CHARACHTER ON ALMOST EVERY POPULAR TELEVISION SHOW. Why?? The gay agenda is being forced down my throat and it scares me. If we aren’t watching them blow each other on TV, they are protesting about something someone said against them. Homosexuality is the only sin that God calls an ABOMINATION, which is a sin with a curse attached. It goes against the knowledge of God and perverts his foundational plan. Where is Mr. Rogers when you need him?

1. How To Get Away With Murder

O. J. Simpson has a TV show???


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