Kevin Ross: A True Gift

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I am absolutely miffed at everyone I know in the music industry. I am sure that someone knew about Kevin Ross before I did, yet no one told me anything about him. It’s pretty bad when Ice JJ Fish comes across my Facebook timeline, but real talent doesn’t (yes. he said that!) I think that this graduate from Berklee College of Music (where he was Songwriting major like someone else I know….ahem.) has a clean, fresh sound. I truly appreciate Kevin’s tone and his vocal decisions. He has excellent placement and discipline. Knowing when to display your vocal dexterity is more essential than the dexterity itself. Kevin has both.

A-list R&B stars like Jamie Foxx, Usher, and Akon have been blessed by Kevin’s talent. The world has been blessed with songs from his own project(s). I, however, was late for the party. I was introduced to him through his recent pitch for Glade while I was channel surfing. His holiday tune for the company is warm and hopeful. His vocals remind me of a young Stevie Wonder and he is, in my opinion, going in more the direction I hoped that Tevin Campbell or John Legend would have taken.

Some people would say that I am behind because I am new hearing about Mr. Ross. I am. However, just like my Frank McComb and Jason Derulo discoveries, I had an autumn introduction, but I am now a devoted fan. Come to think of it, no one told me about them either. I just stumbled upon them.  The fact that he, like me, has a photo with a car in it proves he has a classy side and makes me more endeared to his presentation. Although he is well my junior, I appreciate his personal style

Please enjoy this full video which is featured as the new Holiday commercial jungle for Glade candles. Listen to it and support Kevin Ross and his amazing music on Motown Records. To a sometimes jaded and dark industry which, more often than not,  overlooks real talent, Kevin Ross is a true gift.

Kevin Ross: “This Is My Wish”



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