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I am not a bitter man. However, for the next few paragraphs, I am going to go on an all-out rant about something that is about to drive me absolutely crazy.

I was in two separate services, featuring two different speakers, in two completely different locations on two separate occasions and saw the EXACT same thing.


At this stage in my life, I need for every minister that mounts the pulpit in my presence to be armed with an absolute Word from God. I cannot take another service in which we use popular catch- phrases and cliches. I don’t want to hear your regular lines that always work. “Touch your neighbor and say…” , “God is going to bless you…” or “Turn around three times and….” will not work for me.  I need a sure word.

I am absolutely furious about the number of services I have sat in and faced two hours of antics and tricks but nothing of any substance. I was especially upset the on the two aforementioned occasions.  Not only was I looking for a Word from God, I needed one — badly! Instead of walking away blessed, I walked away upset. Maybe it would not have been as piercing if these were ministers that were unheard or maybe unlearned, but these were two preachers that were nationally-known. Preachers who were known for having a “heavy and powerful anointing”. However on these occasions, they spent a lot of time talking about “haters”, “money” and “praising”. There was nothing wrong with that, but the services were not geared around those subjects.

Being a minister of almost 20 years! myself! I can tell when a preacher is operating out of their talent and fishing for a tag line to get the people to “go in”. I know because early in the life of my ministry, I did it myself. I had no idea about the weight of the office or the effect on the another’s destiny that the preaching of the Word had. Now that I do, I just can’t sit and accept anything less. In my earlier years, an older Pastor taught me that when I take the roster, people’s lives are in my words. After that, I took it seriously. I may not get the number of engagements I would like, but those dates that I acquire get the truest Word that God can give me at the time.


These preachers were not rookies, but many years my senior. They should know better and by now understand that their platform is instrumental in changing lives. Especially in a social climate as politically, socially and racially charged as ours. My life is worth more than a quick shout, a catch phrase and an offering. I am livid that this has become the norm. Not only for preachers and singers, but for the listener as well. We get what we expect and respond to.

I wish I had the solution and a better attitude about this, but I don’t. I need the Word of God preached – pure and simple. If you don’t have the time between hustling your new book or record, doing interviews or press events, please don’t get up in a service that I am in and spout off about frivolous things that have no bearing on anything.

Pray for me as I try to see the good in these services and  it does not cloud my view or cause me to miss obtaining  something from The Lord in a bout of frustration. I will pray to only be exposed to services filled with the pure, unadulterated Word of God and not charlatans flaunting their gifts while we seemingly gaze in awe at their trickery like monkeys dancing for the organ grinder.



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