Davie L. Moore: Unassuming Brilliance

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There are a few things in recent memory that I feel have slipped up and surprised me. They were there all the time, but I admired their success from afar, always knowing how good they were and then was blown away by their quality. Tesla Motors, ESPN First Take and the iPad, to name a few, were things that won my affections of late and I am now lamenting the fact that I did not realize how amazing they always were..

Davie L Moore 1As an artist, I am so glad that I did not overlook Minister Davie Moore. I have watched him work tirelessly to progress the Kingdom by helping others in ministry. Davie is not one who screams “Look at me!” with his gifting. He subtly lies in the background, being essential to a performance without overshadowing in his accompaniment. In his musicianship, I have always walked away from anything he was a part of realizing that his contribution was such a foundation that it made me appreciate all over again just how monumental his talent is. This is probably the reason that many of the most prolific artists in the Gospel genre have Moore at the ready.

Davie serves in ministry, not in the way we describe “serving” in an attempt to appear humble, he submits his gifting and efforts to progress whatever task he has been assigned to. Nehemiah Christian Center Ministries, Victory Christian International Ministries, Greater St. Mark M.B. Church, Tree of Life Baptist Church, Progressive Full Gospel Baptist Church and St. Mark Baptist Church Cathedral have all been blessed by his hard work, patience and incredible presentation.

 While we are on the subject of serving in ministry, let us not fail to mention that Minister Davie L. Moore is an eloquent and adept preacher of the Gospel. Since he rendered his will to the Call of God in 2008, he has gained tutelage from master preachers like the late Bishop Willie L. Jordan and comes across the pulpit with a fresh sound but a familiarity that brings the message of Jesus to different generations in a way that makes one embrace his preaching without reservation.

 Rev. Moore has a call on his life to support and nurture young people. This calling led to his appointment as Youth Pastor during his tenure in ministry as well as being made Director of Young Saints Choir (Gary Indiana). Davie spearheads the annual “Stop The Violence Rally” in the city of Markham, IL, working with the Mayor’s Office, he also currently serves as the city’s Youth Chaplain.

 This call also moved him to found Next Generation Youth Network, a non-for-profit youth organization that meets young people where they are, sponsoring activities that they like and all the while, providing a foundation that presents the Gospel and the love of God in an unobtrusive way.

 davie mooreI cannot decide whether I like Davie Moore greater as a musician or as a singer. In either role, the word smooth must be applied. His belief is portrayed on a canvas of silky vocals that can, at any time erupt into a rasp with commanding phrasing that make you “feel” the song. Davie completed his freshman solo project, “A New Beginning – The Davie Moore Commentary”, in 2013. His lyrical creativity and skillful singing are the perfect background to any worship experience, car ride, etc. He is a young man, but his foundations are evident in songs like “Jesus Jesus Jesus” from his project.


A New Beginning: The Davie Moore Commentary  –  Jesus Jesus Jesus

Working with such artists as: Ricky Dillard, Shirley Ceasar, The Canton Spirituals, Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Rance Allen, Fred Hammond, Pharis Evans Jr., Lonnie V. Hunter, Tye Tribbett, the late Dr. Albertina Walker, Vashawn Mitchell and Bishop Neal Roberson, I am honored to add my own name to that prestigious list. Davie is such an awesome and ingratiating artist to work with, you can feel comfortable in his creative freedom. I stepped back and allowed him the lead role on “The Reason” from my own project.

Relativity: The Cribbs Project – The Reason (feat. Davie Moore & LaDonna Hill)

These two songs are examples of Davie’s amazing versatility across musical styles and moods.

I would ask that you whole-heartedly give a listen to Davie L. Moore. His project is available on all digital retail venues and is a good investment to your musical library. I also encourage you to keep abreast of his ministerial ventures that reach to every aspect of life – not just as a Christian, but in general. He realizes there are parts of life that need a spiritual undertone, but are earthly in nature, such as:

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Hopefully, you will get to see or maybe even meet Mr. Davie L. Moore. If so, you will be greeted by an unpretentious, unassuming and entreatable individual. He is an accomplished singer, songwriter, producer and worship leader. An Active board member of Fountain of Life Records of Gary, Indiana as well as CEO of his own DeeMoe Entertainment Company. Upon meeting him, you would never get a hint at any of this. His humility belies his enormous talent. I guess that is why certain things get by us. They are so modest with what they do, we sometimes are unaware of  how truly beneficial they really are. Pastor Davie L. Moore personifies this virtue.

The best judge of talent is how others view you. Someone caught a performance of Davie Moore and thankfully, they were eager to share it on YouTube. Enjoy.



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