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10635957_10154596271655506_126383848099533729_nPastor Andre Crittenden is a gift to The Body of Christ. His congenial nature only endear him more to the hearts of all those he comes in contact with. He gives his all in every performance, sermon or service. If he was  just a run-of-the-mill individual, you would like him, but he is more than that, he is a vessel of honor.

I met Pastor Crittenden a few years ago (seems longer) during a service at St. James Ministries. During the service, I was told that he was there. After hearing his song “Our Father, You Are Holy” (from Ricky Dillard & New Generation’s album: “7th Episode –Live in Toronto) I made a few inquiries about him. During the service, I was taken backstage to where he was. No entourage, no grandiose presence, just a man with a warm smile and a heart for God. Surprisingly enough, he was as excited about meeting me as I was about meeting him. That speaks volumes about his character. It is his down-to-earth demeanor and his acknowledgment of God as his source that make Andre Crittenden tremendously successful.

Andre Crittendon 1Being a great person is a virtue, but in our industry, you still have to deliver the goods. Crittenden and his amazing group, L.A.W. (Living Anointed Warriors) do just that. They have a fresh and vibrant sound. His talent as a writer/arranger is evident in the songs the group sings. They are, at once, able to take you from the heights of upbeat praise to the inner courts of heartfelt worship in one sitting. In recent memory, there isn’t another artist that embodies God’s presence with the excellence L.A.W. does.

543265_10152403763275506_560361818_nAside from his music, Andre Crittenden has answered the call of God and is currently serving as Founder/Pastor of Restoration Church. A powerful preacher you can hear how passionate he is about God’s Word and God’s service. While he is adept at writing songs, he is equally gifted in teaching God’s Word and exemplifying that Word with his life.

10513310_10154847085260506_4573218503856028588_nI cannot say enough about Andre Crittenden and the L.A.W. .  Listening to their release “Destiny” you are reminded of Anthony Brown & Group Therapy and The Richard Smallwood Singers but, of course they are in a league of their own.  Their crisp, mature sound is easy to listen to and their suave delivery draw you in with every song. Track after glorious track, you realize that they have something for the twitter type generation as well as the traditional gospel era.“The Relaunch” is the newest entry in their musical repertoire and it displays the group’s diversity and discipline even more. L.A.W. was founded in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia and made its transition to Chicago (Crittenden’s birthplace) in 2011.

Give a listen to their a smooth and soulful song from the freshman project.

Andre Crittenden &  The L.A.W. – Heaven

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Make no mistake, this is a group of ardent worshippers that you’ll be hearing more from in the future. We are excited to see where God takes them and encourage you to follow them every step of the way. Andre Crittenden and the L.A.W. are a gift to the Body of Christ. Their album should be considered as a gift to you.

Enjoy Pastor Crittenden changing the atmosphere and look for Andre Crittenden & the L.A.W.  in a city near you.


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