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Worship leaders are the workhorse of the modern religious experience. They are called on to not only set an atmosphere, but sometimes to establish it. They are considered to be adept at choosing the proper songs for each service. They must also be in tune with the people and the pastor. Hearing the heart of the people while helping to promote the vision of the leadership. Whew! That’s a lot. More times than not, when the worship leader is done leading, they need to be poured into. Going to a good service (and not having to do anything) is enough for some, but for a real energizing, a worshipper would need someone to know what it is that the worshipper needs and supply that. Someone to provide a refuge where a praise and worship leader can pour out their heart and be deposited into. Only a true worshipper can do that.

Only a handful of people could do something like that. Of that short list, even fewer could do it in a way that is attainable to people who are not the “A-listers” of the industry. Raine McCaa’s name graces the top of that list. A true worshipper with a heart for God and a passion to serve His people. “Raine” as she is affectionately known, is an artist and psalmist of extraordinary gifting, a minister of the Gospel and one who understands that sometimes, you don’t need a gathering to network, but to grow in your relationship with God. This need is what led Raine to organize a work called ‘Refresh’.

Revised ReFresh Summit FlyerRefresh is an assignment that burdened her heart to see worshippers replenished. Every other month, McCaa hosts Refresh sessions for worshippers to serve as a respite from the work of ministry.

Her next session is coming up soon and I would urgently admonish you to be a part – especially if you are in the ministry of music and need to be strengthened. The Bible declares that “…iron sharpeneth iron…” Refresh allows others to fortify their walk with God in a safe and liberating setting.


Raine McCaa has been a worshipper for a long time and served quite a few ministries in preparing people to receive the Word. She not only leads people to the throne, but I have personally seen her go in and be the first to partake in basking in the presence of God. Her performance is evidence that she has a genuine relationship with God that isn’t fabricated. Her speech, her mannerisms and her expressions backstage depict one who loves God. She goes on stage and with little or no effort, pours out her heart.

10713015_913357428677618_2023104012350114764_nWhile she is a worshipper to the core, she is a recording artist. Her newest project, “Believe Again – The Live Experience” features progressive upbeat songs like “Miracle” which resonates inward long after the song is over where her powerful voice resounds like a trumpet and milder songs like “The Anthem” (a personal favorite) where her velvet tones lead you into the Inner Courts. Her music is modern without being edgy and the recorded versions only give you a glimpse into what they sound like live. Raine is a competent singer on stage and is comfortable in her own skin. In her own humble way, she commands any stage she graces. I was privileged to have her featured on my own project (Relativity-The Marlowe Cribbs Project)and she took the song given in a whole other direction and made it something special.

God Loves You (Reprise) featuring Raine McCaa & Kevin Gray

ReFresh Worship Live Reg Flyer

Along with Refresh and her current project, Raine has revamped her entire personal ministry. The trappings of being a recording artist no longer her goal, she strives to, as she says: “…create a place where God can comfortably inhabit and do what He wants to do in the lives of his people…” She plans on recording another project with a DVD. She records to provide listeners with an experience they can take with them and enter into God’s presence.

419858_10152046571470711_317239376_nRaine is a mother of three and a dutiful wife. Her husband, Jalani is the CEO of his own company , Way Of LYFE Christian Entertainment Group, LLC – which assists and provides support to independent Christian artists through partnerships, offering a platform for their message to be heard worldwide. In seeing them work together, I love how they compliment each other. One consciously making sure to never overshadow the other. They believe in each other’s stregnths and balance each other’s weaknesses.


raine-page-001Raine McCaa showcases all her efforts on her website http://www.berefresh.com/ where she keeps her followers abreast of upcoming events and engagements. There, you can also see photos of Raine and purchase her music. You won’t be disappointed.

It is so refreshing to have someone in the Kingdom that has a heart for fellow laborers. It is also wonderful to have someone who ministers to the masses and wants nothing more than to lead them into the very presence of God. Raine McCaa does both with style and grace. I anticipate her next recording “Refresh Worship Live” and expect much more than a CD recording and nothing less than real worship involvement. The next Refrsh session is coming up and those who attend will walk away with new strength and energy. Sign up today.

Now, enjoy a song from Raine’s live recording.


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