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Welcome – Men of  all colors, ages and backgrounds – this is the introduction to

Cribbs On Style

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For a few years now, as an educator at a high school, I have been approached by young men who admired my style of dress. A lot of them had no adult male role model to pattern themselves after. While I was not the fashion plate that teenagers dressed to mimic, I became for them the template for how an adult man should dress.

I am not claiming to be the foremost authority on style. However,  I do see a lot of black and brown men making huge fashion mistakes – not because they want to, but because they just don’t know. I can sympathize. Many of the things I learned were through trial and error. Embarrassment and reprimand were my teachers. I have a mantra which leads me to help young men coming after me:

“I made these mistakes so that you don’t have to.”

 There’s so much information on proper dress available, but sparingly supplied to men of color and even more so to young men who need to learn. I’m here to make sure that your dress has all the ethnic flair and individualism you want, but is also socially acceptable. While this column has information for my native men, it provides essential guidelines that are helpful for all men. Allowing a flair for color and style to be  permeable but not intrusive.


Sometimes sympathetic , sometimes brusque. Always truthful and helpful. We will do our best to make sure you have the most accurate and detailed information possible in easy-to-read but in-depth form. While there are some styles that I do not wear myself, I do not ignore the fact that they exist. We cover everything from the trendy casual wear to the upscale formal attire so that no one is left out.

When one hears the word style, suits and ties almost automatically come to mind. However, style is not exclusive to suits. We will discuss formal wear, but also practical elements such as maintaining your clothes and proper attire for various occasions. Style is not wearing what’s is trendy. Style is allowing your personal taste to be displayed with class and always being dressed appropriately.

Style cannot be displayed through a man who is not whole. We will, in conjunction with our feature called Man Skills, also discuss issues of men’s health and well-being that equate to your style being embodied by the best man you can be.


Unlike our normal blog, Cribbs Thoughts , we refer to this as a “conversation”. We want to hear from you. Whether you want advice on style, have a suggestion for a feature or want to share your personal trials and triumphs, you are welcome to speak freely here. Everything won’t come from us as we enlist the help of many people to give you a fresh perspective from time to time. Share with your husbands, brothers, nephews, neighbors, pastors, sons, friends and even your nemesis. We want to help men of all ages and backgrounds. We can only do that if you help us get the word out.

Talk to us through the comment section below, our Facebook page (Marlowe E. Cribbs), Twitter feed (@Cribbsification) or email us ( be sure to put style in the subject line and we’ll be sure to respond to your every respectful whim.

We hope you enjoyed our first installment on June 1st, 2015  and be sure to comment and leave suggestions on what you want us to cover in our newest addition to the website: Cribbs On Style.


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