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“Again” A simple song with a powerful message that anyone can relate to – Christian or otherwise. That sums up the gift that is Kevon Carter. Many have referred to him as undiscovered talent or a hidden treasure. While on the surface that may be true, Kevon Carter (pronounced “Kev -on”) has worked tirelessly in music ministry for years.

46374_1397214287251_5875921_nI had the pleasure of meeting this young man at the dining room table of my good friend, Tony Tidwell. Tony was preparing for an upcoming recording. Kevon and I had never met, but were invited to present songs and talk shop. With all the poise of a seasoned veteran, Kevon, aided only by a small keyboard that Tony had provided, played song after song; full of passion with thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics. Theses amazing marriages of music and lyric seemed to pour from him like water.  I thought to myself: “Why had I never heard of this guy?” “Where did he come from?” I guess that is the undiscovered part of his talent. Being able to be there mightily and still be invisible.

Kevon’s practical approach to music makes him relevant to audiences of  all generations. It amazes me how he is able to take normal situations and put them to music in a fluid unobtrusive manner. It’s almost impossible to leave this man alone with his thoughts for any length of time and not have a song result shortly thereafter.

5196_1096777656523_6460029_nComfortable with being “behind the scenes” Kevon has always tried to fight the call to step out to the forefront as an artist. While his music has been available for a while, it seems as though his constant flow of thought-provoking music via YouTube and Facebook may have caused you to overlook his project: Phillipians 4:13.  Following the idea Mies Vander Roah instituted, “Less is more…” , Carter uses just enough orchestration and barely taps into his vocal ability so the message is not overshadowed. One of the ingenius things that separate Carter from his contemporaries is that what he refuses to dilute with vocal dexterity, he replaces with relative substance.  Humbly, Carter states:

 Take for instance, the song “Running Late”, a well-written account of a situation we have all been in…running late! He has covered every conceivable incident that could possibly occur when one is pressed for time. You can tell that this song reflects Carter’s own experiences.

Running Late” – Kevon Carter

303554_3410543739229_896106496_nYes! This man wrote a song about running late. As my students typically say: “Who does that?” In addition, the single, “Making A Way” is a wonderfully arranged ode to Carter’

While on the subject of experiences, I can admire any artist who overcomes adversity and allows that experience to permeate into their music. While in the throes of labor, Kevon lost his dear wife. The two of them, so young seemed to be the family to admire for a long time. All anyone else could do was pray. Kevon, however, went to the piano and began to express his experiences through song. In addition to tragedy, he has written some of the wittiest and most entertaining songs through his new role as a single father. Personally, I have changed from watching him evolve as an artist and writer to seeing him as a role model for overcoming adversity.

Just visit his Reverbnation Page or YouTube Channel and you’ll be enlightened and entertained by his truthful and humorous take on everything from paying bills to musician quirks.

10882227_10203407590247321_5967865553154201516_nI dare not speak about his life or music without mentioning his musicianship. As a Music Director he has been second to none, and like Davie Moore, is an absolute asset to whatever ministry he works with. As a musician, he is crisp, clear and concise. Three words that you don’t hear from many young musicians these days because the quest for chops and licks seems to take precedence over the need for cohesiveness.

Kevon is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest unsung heroes of the music industry in its entirety….period! I admonish you to purchase, listen to and ingest his project.

In these videos, Kevon delivers a sobering retrospective on the idea of “Black Lives Matter”  after Eric Garner’s tragic demise and the mysterious death of Sandra Bland. Pastor Otis Moss Jr. said it best in the first video. Kevon writes socially conscious music that we can all use as introspective examination. He is a Gift to the Body of Christ and an Artist You Should Know.


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