LaVargna Hubbard: The Duchess of Gospel

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LaVargna Hubbard…

The name sounds familiar, huh? She has been a staple in Chicago Gospel Music for years. She has been an outstanding member of so many successful groups and a vital part of the traditional gospel music scene (both in her native Chicago and nationwide) for more than two decades. However, you may have enjoyed the work, but not known the woman behind it.

Remember the début record of the Chicago Mass Choir…”Call Him Up?

Maybe her proclamation” Let Us All Go Back” with Ricky Dillard & New G

…or her appearance on the song “Strange” for Ricky Dillard and New G.

She may have been the guest at a local event and performed this smash hit from her second solo project…”My Soul Is Anchored


In any case, the musical stylings of LaVargna Hubbard have touched thousands unaware. She is a bold and vibrant singer who graces any stage. Her vocals are the kind that are felt as opposed to heard.


What separates her from many of her contemporaries is that the space around her is filled by her performance. She does not just take the stage…she becomes one with the stage.

Aside from her many performances with the Chicago Mass Choir, Ricky Dillard & New G, Dexter Walker & Zion Movement and countless others, she faithfully stands with her pastor and local church; Bishop Larry D. Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit Church, as a member, minister and choir member. She serves her local assembly with the same energy she gives others, clear in her performance on the choir’s newest project.


“Lord I Wanna Thank You”Bishop Larry D. Trotter & Sweet Holy Spirit Choir


10484779_10152906875512806_311632050319234773_nHer ventures as a solo artist resulted in two previous projects that (as the aforementioned) have become synonymous with her name. She now prepares us for her newest offering with a single called “I’ve Got Better Coming“. It serves as more than a simple song, but a mantra for those who are in the middle of a stagnant situation. Boosting their faith and giving them insight into what God has just around the corner for them. The single is available  at all digital media outlets now. The new single forges ahead on the path LaVargna has established as a dedicated traditional gospel singer. Her voice is accented with musical arrangement and production by the maestro, Jeral V. Gray Sr. and an all-star band.

“I Got Better Coming” – Lady LaVargna Hubbard

2301_59903817805_5974_nOne would think that with touring, engagements and service that Lady LaVargna would have her hands pretty full – and she does. Despite all that, she makes time to mentor and help other young female artists in their endeavors. This coming August 22nd, Lady LaVargna will celebrate her birthday in true musical fashion. Her special guests will be some of the female artists she has helped to groom including LaDonna Hill, Chantel Fogel and Kymar Gardner. You may not know those names, but trust me, you will. I will be writing about them soon enough because they came LaVargna’s way and she believes in them.

 This is an event you don’t want to miss if you are in or near the Chicago area.  If you do miss it, Lady LaVargna Hubbard travels the country (and the world) spreading the Gospel and preserving traditional gospel singing with her own flair. Sooner or later, she will be at a venue near you.

I like where LaVargna’s priorities lie; Faith, then Family, then …everything else. Mrs’ Hubbard is the wife on one of the most supportive husbands – ever! Not only does he enjoy his wife’s work, he invests in it substantially. She is the mother of an Artist Consultant (son) and Businesswoman (daughter). This family of powerhouse talent is also a template for a close,supportive family.

She is affectionately known as “The Duchess Of Gospel” simply because she exudes a sense of dignity and grace through her appearance. Also because when she takes the stage,  she is a vocal force to be reckoned with. Hubbard is a seasoned artist who balances humility and professionalism brilliantly.  If you heard her music with others, but weren’t familiar with her as an artist, she is definitely an Artist You Should Know. Get to know her through live performance and you will be electrified. Get to know her through her music catalog and you will be blessed. However you get to know her, I urge you to meet and be blessed by Lady LaVargna Hubbard.


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