Denton Arnell: Mastery In Execution

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When I spoke with this young man about his project – albeit briefly, he took great care to let me know the weight of his newest music and how it reflects his life:

”  the STORY behind it is by far Great. God is really a keeper for real. in spite of my flaws, obstacles, and the enemy’s attacks, God still manages to cover me…”

When I ventured on to some of  the marketing for his new single, “He Kept Me”, these were some of the most honest words I’d ever heard from an artist:

“The single has such a powerful message behind it, God has kept me from and through a lot of things in my life! I pray that everyone is blessed! … ultimate Desire is to Share my Heart and Story through my Gift! God is a Keeper!!…”

He went on to quote Jeremiah 29:11 and that was enough to peak my curiosity.

 FB_IMG_1438224406954When I purchased the new song he’d released, I was glad that I did. In the first few seconds of his vocals, my mind immediately produced images of a small Manhattan café in 1972 where one must have sat, an arm’s length away from Donny Hathaway. I know it’s a lofty comparison, but not invalid, Denton Arnell is just that smooth. This song is a  workshop for all crooners. It instructs how one should draw a listener in with the purity of  their voice. The only other male singer that has done it in the modern era, in my humble opinion, is Miguel with the song “Adorn”.

If his introduction wasn’t enough, the song’s modern rise  climaxes to a rousing nod to the roots of the Gospel sound in a surprising turn, of sorts. I LOVE it when a song takes me someplace outside the expected.

I am not sure where I am when masterpieces of production are created, but I wish I would have been present while this single was being put together. It is audibly soothing, crisp and clear. Every aspiring artist should use this as their template for producing quality sound. I wish I could give you the song in its entirety, but hey, it is available at all digital media retailers. I will make it my business to sneak into a recording session with him soon and get  a sneak peek into the mind of this man. This new single is only a glimpse into  the rest of this upcoming project: “Heart To Heart” before its Fall 2015 release.

The North Soul of Chicago Holiday CollaborationsYou don’t have to wait until the Fall to hear a finished project from Arnell. He released a Holiday project in 2014 called: The North Soul of Chicago. Beautifully arranged and executed, his renditions of “Drummer Boy” and “Christmas Medley” are fresh modern renditions of traditional classics. The single from the project, “Holiday With You” is as expertly arranged as the rest of his work and gives a glimpse into the mastery that brought about  “He Kept Me”.

Denton Arnell is no stranger to the music scene. His work with a myriad of artists  has given him a keen ear for sounds that are likeable as well as marketable. Too humble to mention any names, it is still clear that he has worked with the best of the best.

Denton Arnell Harris 1 Denton Arnell Harris 4 Denton Arnell Harris 2

Work is what Mr. Arnell is about.  He serves as a Director of Music & Arts at Bread of Life Missionary Baptist Church, as well as a musician for New Life Covenant Church. A conscientious musician and attentive director, Arnell’s focus is always excellence of execution while allowing God to use him in his gift.

 As if I didn’t have enough reasons to like him, Denton Arnell received a B.A. in Arts Entertainment & Media Management of my Alma Mater, a school that has provided the world with talents such as Ivory Ocean and Jonathan McReynolds, Columbia College of Chicago. Denton Arnell is on par with the best and brightest to ever walk Columbia’s hallowed halls. The skills and training he got there shines through in his work.

FB_IMG_1438224245398Denton Arnell is definitely an artist who wants to share his amazing testimony through music. Not just any music, but music done with excellence. I encourage you to be on the lookout for him and grab your copy of “He Kept Me”. You can thank me later. Let’s appreciate him by spreading the word about this talented young man and his wonderful new song.

Denton Arnell has a YouTube Channel filled with amazing music that I recommend to every young songwriter and producer. I like a song on this channel called “Wonderful, but take the video below  from his channel and get to know the man’s work for yourself. Make sure to get his Holiday EP early and while you enjoy this video promo, remember the name: Denton Arnell, an Artist You Should Know.


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