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Kymm Lewis…

                             …(formerly Kymm Lowery) is a most radical and passionate Worship leader. She has pledged her allegiance to the Praise & Worship genre of Christian music, not only with her style, but with her life. Her passion for God is wrapped in a healthy layer of humility and all of it can be revealed with something as simple as a brief conversation with her. She is a woman of amazing character and all she seems to want to do is please Jesus.

She does so with her dynamic musical talents and her prophetic gifts. She, like Raine McCaa, is one who is called to pour into those who give so much of themselves as Worship Leaders and Artists. Regular attendees to Kymm’s prayer gatherings find a respite from the trappings of artistry. A place where there are no big “I’s” or little “U’s”. Just an equal playing field where all came come and pray, lay prostrate, receive a prophetic word or just bask in the presence of God.

1377496_560132110718914_1991854359_nShe is also a dutiful wife, married to one of the most gifted musician/producers, Marshon Lewis. A man who has lent his talents to a list of artists too lengthy to mention here (and he would humbly ask me not to). Their goal as a couple: to combine their gifts, to glorify God in the earth and provide encouragement to other Believers in the Body of Christ.

Kymm released a song entitled “Mighty God” in 2013 one can hear hints of Kierra Sheard and Brit Nicole in her deliberate yet finessed vocals. She begins with a soft declaration of God’s providence and ends up in an arresting sound that evokes the Believer’s response.  Admittedly, when I heard it for the first time, I thought about the freshman projects of a few younger female artists I know. They are all good, but I can’t help but be reminded of how young they are. With this song, the maturity is clear seconds after she begins her dissertation. Hear for yourself the dynamic and inviting voice of Kymm’s Lewis:

“Mighty God”Kymm’s Lewis

Some might ask: “What would a live worship experience be like with Kymm Lewis?” We have glimpse into that for you. She was a guest artist on a project by Pastor Antoine Sanders. The song is called “Face To The Floor” and the title of the project seems to ironically mirror the most natural environment for her style of singing.

“Face To The Floor” – Pastor Antoine Sanders  “Live At The Altar”(2014)


14061_599061523454539_1977825037_nUpon meeting her, one would be more enamored with Kymm’s personality than her music. This is not to say that her music is not good, it is just a vehicle which draws you in to the easily entreated Christian that she is. She is a very polished artist who exudes professionalism and Kymm’s Lewis is also a graceful and fluid gift to any stage she graces.. However, her walk with God and congenial spirit seem almost unreal to be so genuine.  She lives worship with every fiber of her being. She utters the sound and lives out the purpose of the Kingdom.

Kymm approaches this new season giving us another encounter in worship called “Amazing”. I am cheating you by giving you just a snippet and I apologize for that, but this is a great song. Her new single is available in extended and radio versions and features a reprise that includes a sample of Jesus Culture‘s “Your Love” as only Kymm Lewis can deliver.

“Amazing” – Kymm Lewis

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She has ministered at various churches across the country. She’s also participated in Missions & Various Worship Conferences in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Vienna Austria, Monterrey, Mexico.  She has done TV appearances: “Gospel Dream” (Gospel Music Channel) 2005 and 2008 (Finalist) and “I’m Just Sayin” (TBN). She may not be a household name to you, but audiences oversease have had the thrill of a worship experience with Kymm for years.

Kierra Sheard, Meaghan Williams, Myron Williams, Matthew West, Myron Butler, Darlene McCoy, JMoss, Aaron Lindsey, Danny Duncan, Elvin Ross, Kevin Gray, Montage Pheloan, Todd Dulaney and many other artists and producers who have worked with her can agree that what I am about to say is unequivocally true: Although others claim it – Kymm Lewis has absolutely been created to worship God!

I have met few artists that just seem as if they were made specifically to master their art form. Worship is not just what Kymm Lewis does, it’s her. Whenever I walk away from an encounter with her, I always come away feeling energized, having experienced a person who is dynamic, anointed and whose passion for God is infectious.


With a heart for God’s people, pure worship and a passion for the presence of God, Kymm Lewis is a vessel God uses to bless nations and an Artist You Should Know. . I would encourage anyone to book her for your next conference or gathering as a worship leader. Purchase her music and make it part of your regular devotion time as she is always at the ready to bless people – either in live settings or through recorded material. Kymm Lewis: the heart, the voice, the sound.

This video was sent to me from the concert of another great artist, Jason Miller & Change Ministry by someone who heard I was doing a piece on Kymm Lewis and was moved by this performance from their anniversary concert. Thanks to the sender (who’d like to remain anonymous). Enjoy.



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