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Tracey McFadden is the kind of artist you root for.

She is competent, hard-working and humble. Her presentation is always filled with a sincerity. Tracey serves the Lord through her music and her life. Servitude is a word that aptly describes who she is as opposed to what she does. Before we get into her music, let us lay a little groundwork.

Tracey is a servant-leader at the Bread of Life Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago (Pastor David L. Sutton) and as choir director and praise team member, it is clear that music and preaching are instinctive parts of her life. We will discuss why in just a moment.

Along with her local music ministry, she and her husband, Deacon Wendell McFadden, direct the Champion Marriage Ministry and help other Christians to keep and cultivate Gods most sacred of relationships. Tracey, herself, is a passionate minister of the Gospel and powerful Bible teacher, has been charged by God to found Wives In Ministry – an organization geared toward sharpening women who are called to ministry. Finally, she works in the Office of Diverse Learners Supports and Services for the Chicago Public Schools on behalf of Students with Special Needs, she advocates for those who cannot fight for themselves because of age or disability. Whether in the spiritual realm or the secular realm, the heart of a servant drives her to do what she does every day.

Tracey McFadden Cover PhotoIn the Fall of 2014, she released her freshman project entitled “I Still Believe”. On this project, Tracey has assembled songs that resonate her allegiance to serving God such as “You Are”  and “Right There” which, in my humble opinion, are two song that will probably go undiscovered by a lot of worship leaders, but could easily fit into any church service and be pleasant, uplifting messages to both the listener and the singer. Tracey has taken a page from the book that made the Thompson Community Singers and the late Rev. Timothy Wright such successful artists: Instead of burdening the listener with cumbersome musical clutter or complicated vocal acrobatics, she has made her messages attainable to everyone. Anyone can sing these songs and feel the same conviction Tracey felt when she delivered it. Tracey is a new artist who seems to have done everything right by sacrificing so that excellence  is part of everything she does. Patience, packaging, perseverance and performance: these are the elements she has meticulously focused on and it shows. She and her husband – who serves as manager and booking agent – have worked together to produce more than an artist. They are creating a movement to change lives and show the world that an artist need not be arrogant, but easily entreated and humble. That goes a long way with me.

Her title cut, “I Still Believe” is a bold statement about the commitment all Believers should have. When I was coming up, there was always an afternoon service that required a soloist. If you are a singer in need of a new song for your repertoire, I urge you to check this song out.

untitled1I promised earlier to comment further on Tracey McFadden’s natural talent for music and preaching. I will simply revisit that great adage: “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree“. Born the youngest of two children to one of Chicago’s finest preachers: Rev. Kenneth Gunn and a voice that will be named as one of  Chicago’s première traditional female vocalists: Dorothy Gunn. Tracey McFadden couldn’t help but adopt these gifts. Music and preaching were part of daily life in her home. If you listen carefully to her gentile presentation, the soothing tones of her father can be heard. As soon as things get exciting, you can close your eyes and you’ll hear what a young Dorothy Gunn experience must have felt and sounded like. Despite all that, Tracey manages to use her roots to create her own sound.

Aside from her lineage, Tracey McFadden has established herself as a resource to the Body of Christ in music, style, ministry and marriage.  She is a grounded singer with an ingratiating demeanor. Her performances are stirring and you can see the steps she has made as an artist are only going to make her even better as she progresses. Tracey McFadden is an entrepreneur, minister, wife, singer, servant and an Artist You Should Know.

Enjoy “Celebrate Our God And King” and merge it into your worship team’s library or use it as an opening song for your choir’s next musical. Enjoy.



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