Dante Hall: A Singer’s Template

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Dante Hall is more than a singer. He is an amazing talent. The Bible states that “iron sharpenenth iron” (Proverbs 27:17). In saying that, said iron must be solid,  and have sure quality and strength before it can sharpen any other form. Dante Hall’s natural quality of voice and precise execution have made him a mainstay on Chicago’s music scene as well as a nation-wide platform. He is the go-to resource for vocal training and arrangement. So much so, that he has been dubbed “The Dean” by many artists because of his amazing ability to pull the very best from  a team of vocalists. I have witnessed his work first-hand and I can tell you he is second-to-none.

Hall himself is a seasoned performer in his own right, has sung alongside some of the best. No matter who the industry celebrity he aligns himself with, he is on a level playing field with the best of them. Having shared the stage with the likes of R. Kelly, Bebe & Cece Winans, Donald Lawrence, Michael McDonald, Dave Hollister and Yolanda Adams, they can all attest to the fact that Dante Hall is a consummate professional and competent performer.


The Gospel community has had the luxury of having Hall in their ranks for some time. Time that was not wasted, either. Before we knew it, we were enjoying his melodious voice over classics like these Hawkins Family Tributes.

When The Battle Is Over” Donald Lawrence & Co. from the project “YRM”


Until I Found The Lord” Dexter Walker & Zion Movement

As one can clearly see, Hall is a skilled vocalist who stirs listeners with razor-sharp riffs and crisp, luxurious tones. His presentation is one that has style and sophistication but does not lack passion.

Dante’s church upbringing included music, which became a vital part of his life. With his grandfather as pastor and his mother, a dynamic singer, He was destined to absorb the best elements of both and form them into his own style.

[01 FINAL] DANTE HILL CD COVERDante Hall has released his début single: “What About My Love” is a masterful cover of Johnny Taylor’s classic Soul hit. Before the flood of comments that I am featuring other elements than Gospel, may I remind you of three things:

1.) The very first feature in this series was Kevin Ross a Motown Records artist.

2.) Dante Hall brings the passion and excellence to Soul music that he honed in Gospel.

3.)  Good singin’ is good singin’ and this man is doing it!

 This is a laid-back, flowing rendition that features no sampled music – all real. Drums, bass, horns and keys all come together to give a brilliant performance. Brooke Benton, Darrell Banks, Frank McComb and Gene Dunlap would all give an approving nod to this young male crooner’s first-class oeuvre.

The response to his début is so resounding that Hall has begun a weekly series called “What About My Love Wednesdays” which features singers from around the country singing their version of the song and posting it to his social media page.

This is an ingenious and fun idea that helps listeners gravitate toward Hall and promote the song.


The story behind the song is that this was a favorite of Hall’s father. What a fitting tribute: receiving the gifting from one parent and using it to honor another. It speaks to the type of heart this artist has. That heart is warm and friendly. Most artists who have such enormous talent as Hall does, come off with the stench of conceit. Hall is professional to a fault but always personable.

Lovers of good music can sample one minute of this song and be whisked back to a time when music was  more simple and raw talent was more plentiful.

Here is a song a man can sings to a woman to express his unrequited emotion in a relationship. Velvety-smooth vocals laid over a bed of expertly scored music bring every lyric to life. Singers will appreciate the vocal skill and discipline. Musicians will love the control and continuity of the track. If you have never heard the original song, you will have lost nothing with this exceptional interpretation.


I encourage you to make this song your introduction to Dante Hall’s brilliant gifting. He has garnered a strong following that has carried over and grown since his foray into Soul music. With interviews and performances all over the country, he will be a household name in no time. His skill level is phenomenal, his presentation (whether audio, video or live performance) always done with the utmost excellence and his connection to the audience is genuine. Dante Hall is a template for singers everywhere. He’s an artist that I am proud to know and an Artist You Should Know.

Get a sense of Hall’s amazing talent and commitment to his craft in this video during a sound check. A task that many others consider mundane is Hall’s opportunity to sharpen his craft and explore new freedoms in his performance. Enjoy!












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