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I am continually impressed with the level of excellence that is exhibited from so many new artists today. Floyd Wilkinson, San Franklin and Rev. Tim White come to mind when I think about those who have made a huge impression on me with their presentations. Corey Barksdale is to be named among this crop of new artists who seem to have inherent brilliance. An anointed Singer, Songwriter, and Christian/Inspirational Artist, Corey’s faith in God comes shining through his music. Nothing gets in the way of his exhortations because of the concise attention to detail he has.

Like so many others I feature here, Corey is a native of Chicago, IL. (don’t worry I am not biased, just surrounded by talent) and was often encouraged to share his gift of song at church and in his school choir in his younger years. It explains why he has such a strong commitment to helping others which keeps him grounded, focused, and determined to use his music to glorify God and inspire people!

“I can remember singing as long as I’ve been talking”

…says Barksdale, singing and songwriting have become a constant in his life. Life. That is what he writes about. No special calling or unattainable achievements, just every day life – that he has surrendered to glorify God. Any listener of his music can feel his down-to-earth nature when he takes the stage and can appreciate his no-frills approach to singing. Corey will sing anywhere he can  and for anyone who will listen (within reason, of course).

He would never forgive me if I didn’t mention that he is a member of a wonderful and ever-growing fraternity. Alumni of The Soul Children of Chicago under the direction of Walt Whitman. Kim McFarland, CinQue Cullar and Jamie Simond are among the artist that have come through these ranks and learned so much about the presentation and excellence we spoke of earlier.

Corey’s unique sound has afforded him appearances on WGN, The Word Network, TBN, TLN and a host of other networks. Appearing on  “Singsation” and The Steve Harvey TV Talk Show didn’t hurt either. On the international music scene, Corey has toured in Sweden, Israel, Amsterdam, and China. He’s been everywhere, in print, on tour and on television, but let’s get to what garners him such opportunities. Let’s get to the music.

Although many knew about him long before and he was already destined to be a rising star in the genre, Corey was invited to join Leon Timbo to help develop a movement of music and ministry in Bolingbrook, IL.  Barksdale is also a worship leader at numerous conferences throughout the country.  In 2010, he was encouraged by his college buddy, Jonathan McReynolds  to co-write and record on the duet track “Why” from his “Life Music Project”.

Corey has taken on a strategy that I see becoming prevalent among independent artists today. He has released singles, such as “Irreplaceable” in succession as opposed to an entire album. This frees up an artist to release the music while it is still fresh and provides a steady stream on new music for the fan. His phenomenal talent has also graced the projects of Denton Arnell (“Christmas Medley“) Darrell “DJay” Perkins Jr. (“Help Me Praise Him”)  and Mark S. Hubbard (“For My Good”) .

In 2013, we got a glimpse into Corey’s strong commitment to Worship Music in this medley which includes covers of Israel Houghton’s “Lord You Are Good” and Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise”

“Praise Medley” – Corey Barksdale (feat. bassist Adam Brown)

3-3_CB_Persona  3-1_CB_Persona

However, what brings us here for this article is his newest single: “Persona” , a theme song of identity, declaring the importance of being who God created us to be. The song is accompanied by an ad campaign with a series of empowering quotes from Barksdale, himself. Inviting the listener to reach deep within and pull out what makes them great as an individual as opposed to following the status quo. For as long as there has been good music in our culture, good music has always affirmed the listener. “Persona” hearkens back to a time when good music was regularly heard.  at digital music retailers everywhere, but please enjoy this portion of the song to whet your appetite:

Persona” – Corey Barksdale



This is a perfect song for every parent to have their adolescent children hear. In a day when young people accept the trends that are dictated to them by society, “Persona” breaks the shackles and tells the mind to follow its own path. Reminiscent of one of India Arie‘s songs in its tone, Corey delivers lyrics that just seem to resonate with the listener every single time. An emancipating message from an uninhibited messenger.

Corey is a dedicated worshipper and his convictions are clear – even with his laid back demeanor. Once you talk to him and experience that glowing smile of his, you know at once, you are in the presence of someone who is confident in themselves yet humble enough to serve. You can certainly experience his personality and his gifting if you visit Dr. Bill Winston at Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, IL. where Corey is a worship leader. Corey Barksdale, living out his testimony and leading others to do the same. An Artist You Should Know releasing a message you should know. Affirming, Empowering, Inspiring.

Some years ago, I was privileged to witness the amazing gift that is Corey Barksdale when he stopped by a rehearsal with Tony Tidwell & Uncommon Favor. In an impromptu move, he took lead on a song called “Again” by Kevon Carter. This isn’t that experience (I keep that video in my personal library), but here is Mr. Barksdale performing his newest songs and doing what he does best – uplifting everyone who will listen and pointing them to the Saviour through his music. Enjoy.



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