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In the course of every Christian’s life, one must transition from just having a VISION into having a CAUSE.

1465388_10151759314715738_1092835337_nA vision defines where you want to go – a goal in life, but a cause is what you live for. People will live for a vision, but will die for a cause. A vision pushes you to do something, but if it is not fulfilled, you have tried your best. A cause will make you cry and break your heart, making you feel as if you cannot die until it is accomplished.

A man with a cause is not always boisterous but is poised and purposeful. Jon Johnson is just such a man. A man with a cause.

We will get to that cause shortly , but let me give you some background on Mr. Johnson. For nearly a decade Jon has sung in the shadows of artist such as Dorinda Clark Cole, Tye Tribbett, James Fortune, Jessica Reddy, Canton Jones and many others. Jon became a member of BRL (Bold Right Life) where the founder is Kierra Sheard where his gifting flourished.

Always content to work in the shadows, Jon – even as an artist himself – still provides vocal support to several of this country’s finest recording artists.

Jon has remained faithful to the charge he was given and even became part of Tony Tidwell & Uncommon Favor, a group that does amazing outreach to the homeless and less fortunate (as well as the group to originally record Tiff Joy‘s “Amazing”)Blessed in his journey of song and praise, Jon approached a new era in his life, the era of solo artist.

In 2014, Jon released  his first single entitled: “Shine” that speaks of Jon’s wish to allow the love of Jesus to radiate through him without him saying a word. In early 2015, a song called “Not Afraid” was made available. “Not Afraid” is a simple announcement to the world that  fear is not an option for a person of faith. Available on digital media outlets everywhere, here is a snippet:

“Not Afraid” – Jon Johnson

I will urge you to discover Jon’s music for one of the strangest reasons ever – there is nothing behind it. No hidden agenda or scheme, no plan for stardom. Just a humble decree for the bold believer. There’s new music coming very soon. With the talents of super-producers Nick McCree and Jamel Kimbrough (both of whom we will feature soon), we look forward to hearing what God has given this team because we know it will be well-executed and powerful.

 Shine   10462446_10152101595090738_4870517630567427415_n

Yes. That is an acoustic guitar he’s holding and is adept at playing. Johns is that type of singer – able to bring a big sound and exhort in a worship service and capable of siting in an intimate circle and gracefully flowing. John is very quiet and unassuming in person but seems to allow God to radiate through him as opposed to broadcasting. He has no gimmick, no catch phrase, just Jon, plain and simple. I think that is the attraction to Jon, he has a genuine feel. I’m not casting aspersions on those who rehearse and perfect their show. It’s just that Jon comes off as a regular guy, but by the time he leaves the stage, you know he has mastered his craft as a minstrel.

Jon discovered his passion for music at a very young age. He knew it was his calling when he was a mere child in a Christian church.

There is something about the sound of true worship that intrigued me as a child.

I knew it, I felt it, but I could not explain it.

The sound he heard, the way he felt would soon become the tune to which he lived his life.

He was born and raised in Chicago, IL, by  a mother who had incredible faith in God. Jon inherited that faith and would use it to come to her aid. Jon’s mother was diagnosed with Stage Four terminal cancer. After such devastating news,  Jon pulled up his boot straps and began to focus his worship on his mother’s healing even though test after test depicted the worst. Quietly, he prayed and began to believe what he couldn’t see. Family faith brought about his mother’s recovery and pushed Jon to discover his cause.



Instead of viewing this journey as a highway to stardom, this man has looked at it as an assignment. Jon recently partnered with other artists for a concert honoring cancer survivors and looks to do benefit events to bring cancer awareness and resources to the music community. It revels why this man would name his cause “Hands and Feet”. He applies his efforts to do more than talk about the works Christians should do, he actually uses his resources and faculties to do it.

I will say this of Jon Johnson; he is not for the genre or culture he is surrounded by. Gifted enough to stand with the best in gospel, he is called to step beyond the barriers of race, creed or social rankings. Jon is called to the nations and farthest borders. Some people would say he doesn’t fit, but I strongly disagree. He is designed for where he is going as opposed to where he is. You will hear more about Jon Johnson – from this site and others – on a grander scale. On the other hand, maybe you won’t as Jon is the type of person to do his exploits from the background and be the one you least expect to do the unexpected. His ministry will impact many. Quietly and effectively.

Jesus said in John 18:37:

 Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

At the courageous age of 31 Jon Johnson is a proud father of two beautiful children, an accomplished singer/songwriter, man of faith, the founder of Hands and Feet Ministry, leader of  the group Untainted Worship, an Artist You Should Know and servant of the Kingdom. Most importantly. He is a man who has found his cause.

Here is Jon Johnson and Untainted Worship as the guests of New Zion Temple (Bishop designate, Brandon Jacobs of Hammond, IN.) during a recent musical event. Special thanks to Cutting Edge Productions for the video. Enjoy.



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