San Franklin-Jackson: Consecrated Consistency

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I will begin this piece by saying, undeniably, that San Franklin-Jackson is one of the premier female voices of the Gospel Music industry and of our time.

San Franklin-Jackson is able to connect with audiences in a way that makes you adore her. She is not above her listeners, but she shares her pain, her triumphs and her passion with her audience. She declares that God is who she sings about because He’s proven it to her – first – that she may remind us so fervently.

1238868_10201751285811202_1632984421_nIt is bittersweet when we see someone leave us to relocate. Selfishly, we try to rationalize why they should stay with us despite the greater reward that lies before them in another place. I remember when San left Chicago as if it were yesterday. However, I don’t think she, or anyone else,  has any regrets about her decision today. She migrated to California for a season to work with one of the masters of the Gospel genre – the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, pastor of The Love Center Church. As a member of the famed Love Center Choir, a special connection was made in which she obtained the tutelage that was necessary to propel her to her purpose. More than just music, Bishop Hawkins shared his sense of compassion for people. The music was only a vehicle by which he could impart this character trait. Along the way, she shared glimpses of her inherent greatness with classics such as this:

“Just In The Nick Of Time” Bishop Walter Hawkins “Love Alive V – 25th Anniversary Reunion”


As word of her immense gifting spread, she was invited to be a special guest on many other projects including these:

“San’s Testimony (Real, Real, Jesus Is Real)” Pastor Iona Locke “Kingdom Victory – Live”


Healer Of My Emotions” + “Reprise” Damien Sneed Introspections – LIVE


“Where The Harvest Is” (feat. San Franklin-Jackson)   Cedric Shannon Rives)



So many artists in this series have toiled diligently long before their names were ever mentioned in the mainstream – so it is with Jackson. If you have ever attended a Stellar Award Trailblazer’s gala or Gospel Music Workshop of America Announcer’s event, you, no doubt, were a witness to her powerful – yet quiet gift. Jackson has been there for years, working in the background and holding her own as house vocal support. It goes to show that just because a person isn’t in the forefront, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

Speaking of work, it has been an integral part of the mission for this minister/singer/evangelist. She tours the country empowering God’s people in Word and song. Fostering friendships, some spanning over 30 years with people from her home in Chicago and across the country, she is a person who connects with the people she inspires and inspires those with whom she connects.

As Troy Lily of said after his interview with her: “…I came away having experienced a person who is both a dynamic singer and anointed minister with a contagious warm spirit...”. That describes the person and the spirit of this incomparable individual.

Arise - SingleIt was inevitable that she would need to make her own mark in the field and in 2011, she released “Arise”, a call-to-arms that could only have come from this singer. You can feel her passion for the believer to hear the charge and rise to whatever purpose their life is assigned. If you know San Franklin-Jackson, you know that this is not just a song, but how she thinks and lives.

Reminiscent in sound and sight of a young Roberta Flack, her piercing vocals arrest the listener and as she climbs the range, she takes us with her as we anticipate every new level the song opens up to. If you can listen to it just once or sit without even raising an eyebrow while it is played, perhaps you should seek a physician’s care. This song is definitely a “mover”.

 I always ask our readers to add the artist featured here to their music library. “Arise” is one song  you can add to your meditation time.

“Arise” – San Franklin



FB_IMG_1441994356975She is not only a gifted recording artist and 20+ year veteran preacher of the Gospel, Jackson is also a dutiful wife and mother. Supported by her friend and husband, Teddy Jackson (founding member of  the group “Fortitude”, formerly known as “Nu Wave“), they raise and support their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Facing every challenge as a united front makes for a stronger family and a more credible artist. San served as Minister of Music at her home church for many years – even while balancing a schedule on the road. She and her husband have been led by the Lord to launch Kingdom Love Worship Center officially in 2016 – a ministry that follows the template Jesus laid in loving everyone where they are and teaching them the principles of the Kingdom in a practical way. A move that was preceded by much prayer, fasting and years of humble service. Word to aspiring artists – get grounded at your home church and with your family. . Bless your own people before you try to go out and bless the nations. As you were.

San Franklin is a conscientious artist with a determined focus. Her voice at once leaves you in an enraptured blanket of melody capable of climaxing to become a piercing sword. From smooth riffs to guttural rasps, she takes us a journey of truth through her music. A journey which is far from over. Be on the lookout for her newest offering entitled:  “Something Bigger“. I am sure it will be a perennial favorite and be just what its name suggests.

The title also speaks to her mission. Some would say she is a powerful singer. They would be right. Other would declare her to be o seasoned minister. They would be correct as well. Many others would say she is a warm and genuine person. That is also true. I will say she is an amalgamation of all that plus so much more. She is after something so much bigger than herself. As you watch the video below and see the prodigious amount of talent she has on an average day, explore how she flows. Discover her music history and accomplishments and you will tell others that San Franklin-Jackson is an Artist You Should Know .


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