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Kevin Gray is one of the most precise & technical singers extant.

On the other hand, he is able to set aside the intricacies of his craft and relent to the power of God. While he has a penchant for rehearsing a part until it is flawless, he understands that the weight of Glory he ushers into the room takes precedence over whatever skills he has mastered.

I dare not go through the litany of songs that he has lent his gift to, but I will showcase one in particular…mine! Kevin was asked to add vocals to a reprise of a song. In typical Kevin Gray fashion, he brought his water, towel and exactness. He did a few vocal exercises and warm-ups before recording and then did re-takes to ensure clarity. He never once was acting like a prima dona, he just wanted it right. I don’t know about you, but I was pleased with the result:

“God Loves You” (reprise) – Marlowe Cribbs (feat. Raine McCaa & Kevin Gray)


A long-time student of Brandy Norwood and Kimberly Burrell, his ability of singing is certainly of their caliber. Proven by his ability being welcomed alongside Burrell’s as well as Karen Clark-Sheard, Dathan Thigpen, LeJune Thompson, Jonathan McReynolds, Leon Timbo, Jonathan and Jason Nelson to name a few.

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Kevin has not relegated himself to guest appearances – not al all. Kevin’s discography includes several full albums: “I’ve Just Begun”, “The Comeback”, “So Fresh” and one with a water ripple on the cover that he’d like me to never mention again (“The Beginning“) as well as a singles “Good Man” “All Things New” (written by Evin Amiri of 21:03) and “Flowers” (which he gave away….FREE!).

kevin gray      The Comeback, Kevin Gray

To hear Kevin on these records, you not only see how far he has grown as a singer, but you realize how amazingly gifted he has always been. With gentle rasps and laser precise riffs, Kevin’s clean execution makes every note a work of art for the ear. Give a listen to two of his works:

“Hero” – Kevn Gray

“He’s Been Good” – Kevin Gray


The progression of Kevin Gray has led to his talents being paired with such producers as Corey (Keys) Martin from his first project until “Hero”, where he united with Jamel Kimbrough. Both these producers were excellent at leaving the raw talent of Kevin untainted and unobstructed by effects and over-producing, Only a wise producer who recognizes talent over opportunity can do that. Hats off to you, gentlemen.

Kevin’s talents are not hindered by time zones, either. One of the most life-changing experiences was when he traveled to Africa to write and produce for one of South Africa’s premier Gospel artists – Efe Nathan. Here is a glimpse into that experience that Kevin shared with us.

This event changed Kevin’s entire perspective on the industry, the ministry and the call of God on his life. He returned, amping up the efforts that he and his lovely wife, Tiffany began and their worship series has become a true move of God. He and his wife share the Word of God shrouded in a cover of intense prayer and intercession. Kevin has always been able to invite the presence of God through his music. These days, he uses the singing only to welcome and appreciate the move of God that he and his wife pray so fervently for.

The trip allowed his judgment to be forever unclouded. He, like Corey Barksdale, has released a series of fresh music as he is so moved. Wanting nothing but God’s voice to influence him, he released “Nobody Else In My Ear” and “Fill This Temple” (penned by Kevin Walls of The Walls Group) to proclaim his desire to have a life unencumbered by the trappings of artistry.

Kevin Gray is a passionate humble man who comes from a strong Christian background. His father, a pastor. His mother, an evangelist. He was definitely “trained in the way he should go” as the Bible instructs. He has overcome personal tragedy in the loss of his brother, mentor and friend, Ray, who was the impetus for his musical start.

IMG_9476Surprisingly, Kevin started out playing drums as a fill in. In one of his brother’s rehearsals, he sat quietly as he always did and joined the group in dismissal prayer. As they sang a closing song, Kevin uttered a few notes – much to the surprise to everyone in the room, including said brother. None of the group had every heard Kevin sing. That’s Kevin Gray in a nutshell. Always willing to support, sit back and encourage, but when he opens up, he is a force to be reckoned with and an Artist You Should Know.

Kevin did an exclusive live show in a small venue in Chicago. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Please watch this video clip from that night as Kevin sings “Nobody Else In My Ear” and realize what so many others have. Kevin Gray is an incredible Gift to the Body of Christ. Both in his meticulous implementation and his humble surrender. Enjoy!

Projects mentioned in this article are available for purchase at digital media retailers. Kevin can also be contacted for booking at


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