Frederick J. Dukes Jr. – An Invaluable Resource

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At the time that his feature was set to publish, Frederick J. Dukes lost his mother. We mourned with him, we prayed with him. Meanwhile, we felt it was in poor taste  to celebrate during that period. Instead, we mourned with him, we prayed with him and we rise with him. While it is a loss you never quite recover from, he is growing stronger daily. With his blessings, we submit this feature on him and ask that you don’t just support his ministry and project, but pray for  this only child that God would undergird him.

I learned of Frederick J. Dukes Jr. shortly after I reached out to Jerry Wayne to obtain insightful information about him. In conversation, he mentioned a man who proved to be a mentor, producer and friend to him during the birthing process of his music. When I spoke to him, I was convinced that Frederick J. Dukes Jr.  was just that person.

18258_10154439106333814_6279644215583390389_nIn 2010, Frederick released his First CD “A Place of Peace” and in three months time this project received various notable accomplishments.   Sings I would recommend from the project are “Your Name Alone” and the penetrating “Angel“. As lead vocalist, he completed a tour in Italy, with the New Millennium Gospel Singers and was nominated five times for the Rhythm of Gospel Awards, winning Contemporary Male Vocalist of the year 2011.  To that end, it has happened again. Dukes has been nominated for the 2016 Rhythm of Gospel Award for Male Vocalist of the Year.

Its no wonder why. His guitar-strong “I Will Worship” is a rhythmic, Scripture-filled, energetic song. Not complicated, but very meticulously produced. Roll down the windows and open the sunroof for this one. Dukes is a gifted singer and composer and this song is a rocker. The artist released “Never Runs Dry” in 2014. With Leon Timbo reminiscence, I appreciate how different it is from any of his other tunes. Versatility is what keeps you around in this business and Dukes has it in droves.

Screenshot_2015-08-19-06-36-32Frederick is the founder of the Predestined Production, a production company that he plans to use as a platform for sharing his gifts and talents with other artists, as well as, providing opportunities for Christian artists to minister and spread the Kingdom Sound to all nations.  I think it is a noble cause to have a gift and want to share your resources and talent with others who have the same gift. Our industry is so tainted with so many feeling they need to have “arrived” and hoarding resources  to hold on to any modicum of success they have attained. Opening up to assist others is a grace that Dukes has that so many others do not.

There is little else I can say about Frederick J. Dukes Jr. other than he is personable, professional and focused.  He is a person every independent artist should connect with, a singer every listener should consider adding to your musical palette and an Artist You Should Know.

Here is Frederick J. Dukes Jr. performing at the 2012 Yes Lord Radio Anniversary Party during Stellar Award Weekend


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