Candy West: Get Ready For The Turnaround

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Candy West2Energetic and airy with a classic feel. That was my instant impression of the new songTurnaroundby Candy West. West doesn’t waste one second of the three minutes given to her by radio. By the two-minute mark, she has already established the song’s theme, proven to be a confident singer and displayed the band and bgv’s capabilities. The song is as fully packed on the back end as it is in the beginning. Candy West gives us an electrifying ending that gives us confidence in God’s ability to take any situation from worst to best. Maybe it’s a bold statement, but the adage “everything’s bigger in Texas” seems to apply to her sound. By the  time it is over, a collective sigh seems appropriate. I was privileged to experience her ministry when she visited Chicago recently and I can assure you that the recording is not just post production fluff. This woman has substance both vocally and spiritually.

Giving you a snippet doesn’t really do justice to her incredible talent, but here goes…

Tunraround by Candy West

Candy West has leant her vocal talents to other projects including Bishop Jerry L. Maynard presents The Cathedral of Praise Choir where she took the song “Clap Your Hands” to another level. She has also graced the stage at the 2016 Essence Music Festival and shared with  Amber Bullock and Myron Butler on his song “Best Praise“. In addition, she joined Reuben Lael on his title cut, Go Tell It” and might I say, she did a bang-up job.

Having known members of her team and hearing her for myself, I can truly say that her gracious nature and confident stage presence make her a perfect fit for conferences and musical events near you. She is a gift to the Body of Christ. She is a burst of positive, God-centered energy. She is gracious and demure but astute in business. She is a Texas-bred Worship Leader bringing the power of the Kingdom to the Earth. She is definitely an Artist You Should Know.

Here is a sample of Candy West’s extraordinary ability.

Special thanks to Darnell Nolin for the video and his connection to the artist during her stint in Chicago.

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