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I recently got a rare opportunity. During a broadcast service at Destiny Worship Center in Chicago (Pastor DeAndre Patterson), I heard a new artist in person before I heard their work. It was also my introduction to them. I mostly get referrals or recommendations nowadays, but this artist was one I just happened upon by myself.

From the very outset of his performance, Robert Hawkins struck me as energetic and jubilant. During his time on stage, he engaged the audience, kept the song moving and was able to be who he is in Christ without being weird, demeaning or shoving his style down our throats, as so many try to do. The fact that he came with a few CD for sale and left with none proves that the rest of the audience enjoyed him as much as I did. Let me also submit that Pastor Patterson, Lady LeAnne Faine (of the legendary Thompson Community Singers) and several seasoned music leaders and traditional Gospel lovers were in the building. Although he did not come with an exposition of  foot-stompin’, conventional church music, his warmth and humility won them over.

In addition, I carefully watched the artist after the service, he stayed after the benediction and was personable, pleasant and warm to everyone.  This spoke volumes and impressed me to the point where I began writing this review before I even left the church. I was sold on Robert Hawkins based on personality alone and purchased his new single on the spot based on that.

I cannot stress to new artists enough that being gracious and friendly goes a long way with people. As I said of Isaiah Templeton: “Great music is useless if not accompanied by great character”. Hawkins seems to have both well in hand.

Robert Hawkins2I thoroughly enjoyed Robert  Hawkins and his new song Happy“. It may seem off-putting for adults to hear “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands“, but the familiar message is wrapped in an energetic and airy arrangement that has hints of the celebratory music we remember from the  1970’s (or maybe it’s just me). It’s a throwback to simpler times, but it is not juvenile. What’s more mature is the incredible testimony that surrounds the song’s inception. I will allow him to share that with you in the video below.

The song also features the rapper Steven Malcolm, which made me feel as if I got a two-for-one. When I ventured into Malcolm’s work, I determined that I could put him up against the best rappers in the R&B industry and he could stand his ground for the Kingdom. Hawkins live performances, of course, don’t come with Malcolm’s accompaniment, but his contribution bolsters the message and  gives another facet to the song.

If you can’t get your hands on a physical copy (they sell out fast), download it as soon as you can. Not only because it is a light, refreshing song, but because Robert Hawkins represents happiness well. He’s a shining example of humility. He personifies how we expect all those who have attained any level of success to act. When you meet him, you will be captured by his down-to-earth charm. His tag line says: “At your service. For His Glory” which is more than a slogan for this young man. Robert Hawkins, if you don’t know him, he is an Artist You Should Know.

“Happy” – Robert Hawkins



If you need more information on the source of Hawkin’s happiness, check out this video from his testimony and performance in Nashville, TN. and you will understand why Hawkins is so “Happy




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