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As we continue Season 3 of Artists You Should Know, we thank all the artists who are making a difference in the musical landscape. We also would like to thank all of those who were gracious enough to send us materials when we asked so that we could make sure we included accurate information. Finally, we thank all of our readers, followers and friends who read our reviews and support these amazing artists. Let’s continue to spread the Gospel to the world by supporting these artists and helping them realize their dream and uplift Jesus. We introduce you to some more amazing artists that we have had the pleasure of knowing, meeting and experiencing and we’ll highlight 5 artists per week, every week and continue that throughout the fair-weather season  Let’s go!!


I have been connected to Drew Chambers for about a year through Facebook. I’ve seen videos he’s posted, appreciating his talent. Recently, I looked him up, to see if he had any music online, on a whim and now regret that it took me so long. Drew is an extremely capable singer – to say the least. While some will gravitate toward Wes Morgan, Drew is definitely the superior talent here. As far as non-African Americans who sing Gospel music, he does it with indelible polish and precision and is more in tune and authentic. He has a sound that can be appreciated for years to come. Let’s be clear; his talent has no color. If he were blue, his voice would still be amazing.

Of his two offerings, “The King{featuring True Foundation & Amar’ rae Hill} (2014) and Created” {produced by none other than Rudy Currence} (2015), I really can’t choose a favorite. What I can choose is to listen to them both regularly and enjoy his skill, range and precision. Drew is a hidden gem among flashy stones. His voice is blaring like a trumpet, yet at the same time, hushed and smooth . He does his type of music because it is who he is – not a gift he has. Traveling the country and connecting with people, Chambers is putting in the work of making himself sharper as well as sharpening others. Aside from the music, he is a successful entrepreneur (Founder of Buckhead Butler, A luxury boutique apartment & condo cleaning company in the heart of Atlanta) and active in his community. Drew Chambers is a Christian, a businessman and an Artist You Should Know.

“Created” by Drew Chambers



With hit singles being the current trend, it’s good to have an artist debut with a full project. It’s also nice to hear a voice that sounds securely planted in music. This amazing singer comes to us with “Keys To My Heart” and sounds like she has been honing her craft well before she took to the center microphone. When her talent reaches my ears, I instantly love how she cleanly and effortlessly seems to just glide through notes to convey each message.

I was smitten by “Heaven Must Be Something Like This” and held on through “Run Over“, “My Everything” and “Set A Fire“. As I listened, I concluded that a concert featuring Briana Babineaux is certainly just as much of a vocal treat as one with Kierra Sheard, Tasha Cobbs or Casey J. She certainly embraces that vibe and can certainly hold her own. Her song choices fit her abundant ability seeming to have chosen the right songs for this effort. Babineaux’s voice attracted the attention of secular movers and shakers, but instead, she chose to remain a Christian artist. Let’s be clear; she has the goods to be just as successful as any of today’s R&B divas. However, she is like a finely tuned instrument – so precise in what it was designed to do, it could only do its best work when it serves its intended purpose. That sums up Briana Babineaux  (or “Bri“, as she is known by her fans) suitably as an Artist You Should Know.

“Run Over” by Briana Babineaux





As artists, we must always remember then when our music is produced, it is reproduced. Someone, somewhere is going to like what God has given us and want to perform it themselves. Say what you will, I can always appreciate songs that strike the heart of the people and can be sung by individuals who may not have big-budget bands or herculean vocal abilities.

Fred Abney, Sr. & Judah have a song that is amazing yet reachable to the masses. Abney and Judah deliver an untainted message lifted directly from the scriptures. As a writer, I can admit that arranging Biblical passages isn’t easy, but their new song “Blessed Is The Man” is an example of when it is done brilliantly. The light and simple melody, instead of catching your ear, seems to gently embrace it.

Abney does not try to be the star of the show on this song. From the onset, he establishes his mission to encourage those who hear the it. He does a wonderful job of guiding the song along rather than forcefully pulling it to a climax. The song’s reprise has a female vocalist, Jessica Clement, who is also featured on projects by Kim Pratt (2012) and Jason C. Smith & Remnant (2014) taking lead duties. Pretty soon, I suspect, I’ll be writing about her.

Those who plan services can appreciate this song for its possible use during the opening of a service or offertory periods. I encourage you to replicate it – over and over – and make it a part of your church or organization’s repertoire. It is simple enough for the novice to catch on quickly and could become a local church favorite with regular exposure. I encourage you to grab a copy of “Blessed Is The Man” and incorporate it in your worship time. Fred Abney Sr. &Judah – an Artist You Should Know.

“Blessed Is The Man” by Fred Abney, Sr. & Judah




With youthful energy and vibe and incredible vocal exactitude, one can truly be captured by the fresh new sound of Charlin Neal.

At the recommendation of Stephen Anderson – a great artist in his own right – I researched her music. Although her discography is short, she does not come off as a novice by any means. Her skillful execution of songs such as “More Of You” and “Trust Me” is followed up by her newest release, “Lamb Of God“, a three-song delicacy of finely tuned music.

Neal, Like Briana Babineaux, follows familiar contemporary patterns but with a fresh and skillful voice. “Jesus Is Alive” is as much a show opener as Neal’s singing on it is a show stopper (think; Christmas Concert opener). She gives glimpses of greatness by being poised and exact in her concise delivery. The support vocals are nothing short of amazing in their execution. Post production is very well done. I just wish the song’s mix had the them brought forward just a notch. A few more tweaks would get them the appreciation their superior singing deserves. This girl can sing! It is evident that she has surrounded herself with singers as well.

She has a proven formula of releasing only a few songs at a time. Just enough to hear her versatility and crave for more. From her appearance on Israel Houghton’sCovered – Alive In Asia” until now, Charlin Neal has been consistent in delivery and conviction. She should be part of your musical library or next event.  Spread the word. She is an Artist You Should Know.

“Jesus Is Alive” by Charlin Neal



I love it when an artist’s passion can be felt through their performance. To that end, Timothy Reddick‘s new EP is overflowing with passion. In three songs, he expresses who he is in God, what he does to glorify Him and how he feels about Him.

The music is succinct and efficient without losing depth. “Thanks“, a smooth and rhythmic expression of gratitude and “I’m Yours”  – a song that could only come from a person who has given themselves over totally to God’s will – are beautiful to hear. These two songs provide a perfect anchor to my personal favorite, “Free Indeed“. The most powerful messages are most often the simplest. Such is the case here where music, vocals, and production take a sweet one-liner and elevate it to worship anthem status. If your worship team isn’t singing this one, shame on them! Timothy Reddick‘s love for God pours through his music. He is a man who evidently sings his convictions and an Artist You Should Know.

“Free Indeed” by Timothy Reddick


Let’s continue to support these artists and help them realize their dream of using their gifts to spread the Gospel.


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