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We’re running on all cylinders within the annals of Our series Artists You Should Know is gaining momentum as we continue to showcase the best and brightest independent and up-and-coming recording artists.

Kelontae Gavin

Now that they know what I do in AYSK, my two brothers keep me abreast on new artists constantly. One of them let me know about Zebulon Ellis .

The other brother told me of this featured artist. He told me that he watched his videos non-stop on a train ride from Springfield to Chicago and came home impressed. At which time, he began telling me about him — emphatically. Knowing that my brothers have very discerning musical tastes, I knew I had to listen. This YouTube musical sensation has become quite well-known and now shares a product of his stunning capability.

Kelontae Gavin was everything my brother said he was. While I hear tones like those of Avant in his singing, I can certainly tell that emulation wasn’t the intent. One thing both singers have in common is crystal clear clarity. In Gavin’s case, it belies his young age.  “Higher is the South Carolina native singer’s debut single. During the song’s  exciting vamp, we get a clear picture of his vocal arsenal. I am interested in what a few years will do for his highly-developed as a singer — to imagine him better than he is now is mind-blowing.

While one song hardly tells the story behind an artist’s abilities, I am confident that this young man has more than one facet to his delivery. You would have to go to YouTube and see the various videos of him singing to see that with every performance there’s a different approach and there is always heartfelt authentic Ministry going on. He is a talented young Artist You Should Know whom I expect to hear more from very, very soon.


“Higher” by Kelontae Gavin


Ashaala Shanae

Her song “Great God” is easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while. Well-written, well-produced, well-executed and well-received. That was my first encounter with Ashaala Shanae — her offering, “Matters Of The Heart” was a breath of fresh air. She has returned with a single and brought a full arsenal with her.

This Brooklyn born, writer, vocal coach, and motivational speaker,  travels the world sharing her testimony and along with that, her unique, God-given sound in the form of her newest single, “Big God” which features Papa San and the group, Perpetual Sounds Of Praise. The song starts out with a vocalist rising and falling gracefully and ends with  cues from her time living in the Virgin Islands, where PSOP & Papa San go to work. This Artist You Should Know provides a refreshing change from some of the more dramatically orchestrated songs that pervade the airwaves. Shanae is not just an artist, she is also a well-rounded business woman who uses her experience to help others outside the confines of music. Her voice is delicate and her lyrics definite. Allow Ashaala Shanae to diversify your music collection.


“Big God” by Ashaala Shanae



Meachum L. Clarke

& True Purpose

One recent Saturday afternoon, while listening to an artist on Spotify and then clicking “Related Artists” a bunch of singers came up. I briefly skimmed through the plethora of new voices, looking for one who would stand out. Meachum L. Clarke & True Purpose were a pleasant surprise for me.

Victory (feat. Miranda Curtis) is a great musical opener and the newly transplanted Miranda Curtis adds her amazing touch to an already strong song. Alongside it is special guest, Pastor Curtis Johnson‘s rousing introduction of “Mighty Long Way” (a good Sunday mornin’ song). Truth be told, the intro is as good as the song itself in giving you the feel for the live church experience. Follow those two songs with “All Things“, the foot-stomping “He Will Come Through” and “Matchless Name” featuring Evangelist Beverly Crawford.

The songs are great enough in themselves, but the post-production helps even more to create the ambiance of a live church experience. Dexter Walker took on the charge to “bring the choir back” in Chicago, I truly think that Meachum Clarke & True Purpose have that same mission in Florida. Their sound is amazing and their energy is infectious. Definitely and Artist You Should Know.

“Victory”(feat. Miranda Curtis) by Meachum L. Clarke & True Purpose



Lady J

Almost immediately, you know the song “King Of Glory” is going to be something special. The call-and-response tune is graced with lyrics and phrasing that you don’t have to be a superheo to sing. It climaxes to a simple but hearty drive that is familiar and likable. I like how Lady J really allows the song to sing itself. She doesn’t force anything and seems to flow undaunted by the song’s changes. I am sure that a live performance has all the fire and force captured on the single.

She is as adamant about God’s Word as she is about His praises. As Executive Pastor  of Harvest Church International (Jamaica, New York, where her husband Bishop Michael E. Turpin is Pastor) Janelka Turpin is a purposed voice that has given us a song we can use in our worship services. No doubt, it was probably birthed in an HCI worship service initially. That’s why it works so well. Personally, I love a song that I can hear and teach to the masses — after all, that’s who sings our music — to incorporate in worship and “King Of Glory” is one such song. If we are true to our Artists You Should Know mantra, Lady J is one such artist. Stay tuned!


“King Of Glory” by Lady J



Todd Galberth

Todd Galberth: where have I been? This young man has been doing great things and I never even knew about it. His new song called “Lord You Are Good” is concrete evidence that he is not only doing great things for God, but that God is doing great things through him. Todd delivers a heart-wrenching, honest message here and it is certainly worth a rewind or two.

Unlike many other artists, I will not suggest going through his past discography. I suspect that once you hear “Lord You Are Good” in its entirety, it wont be enough for you and you’ll do it almost instinctively. I am upset because I feel that Todd Galberth is an artist I should have known long before now. No matter, I can now enlighten others and tell you that he is an Artist You Should Know — undoubtedly!

“Lord You Are Good” by Todd Galberth



More artists are coming to these pages and I’d love to have your help. If you know of any artist – from your hometown or anywhere else – that is making a positive impact and producing good music, let us know about them via email at




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