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So many artists. So little time. As much as I can, as fast as I can, I am trying my best to publish features about artists that I come across on a daily basis. It is a daunting task, but I love hearing great new music and making great connections. Here are a few more artists that have caught my attention, so I bring them to yours in a feature I like to call….



Every bit as engaging a voice as any R&B crooner, Carrington Gaines got my attention as soon as I heard one song from “The Process“. This might sound strange coming from a Gospel music lover, but I like the slightly secular (or better said, universal, ) edge to the songs.

There are songs with a Pop music feel like “Give It All” (a favorite). Then there are songs that remind me of something from Usher or Avant like “Closer To You” – written and arranged with incredible musical acumen – and “On The Daily” which is very powerful in its delivery. The only drawback I see is that I didn’t know about this project sooner. This is a very skilled singer who has the sound for this generation. He may be a bit cutting-edge for some, but then again so were Deitrick Haddon, Kirk Franklin and Tye Tribbett. ‘Nuff said.

In being forward-thinking in his musical approach, he has not forgotten the foundations from which he came, incorporating the popular hymn ‘Draw Me Nearer‘ in the aforementioned “Closer To You“. Forward-thinking is what makes me appreciate this project. It is as contemporary as anything out here, despite being two years into release.

He may not be in your market just yet, but I am glad he’s out here presenting his music, his voice, his way, his style. I anticipate him growing as a singer and know that his next project — be it single or EP — is going to be even more phenomenal as I think this one is.

“Give It All” by Carrington Gaines






Victory Song” is a splendid homage to songs of the past that proclaimed our victory in Jesus. You’ll hear “Victory Is Mine“, a few chords from “Victory In Jesus” and a hint of  Chicago Mass Choir‘s “He That Believeth“. Young musicians nowadays are quite skilled  and this song masterfully blends both old and young vibes without becoming a hodge-podge slopppily strung together with overtly dynamic music. It serves as a wonderful example of the balance between exuberance and placement.

Other songs like “Bless The Lord”  and “2 Die For” do a great job of affirming the greatness of God from the current generation’s perspective. All these songs are well done and could be sung by young voices without sounding immature and mature voices without seeming adolescent. Marc J & The Jay Crew Band‘s new project is a good template for young producers to go by when approaching their first few projects (getting their feet wet). It is also a great tool for youth leaders to offer something fresh and different from the status quo. Check out this great music. I am optimistic about their future.

“Victory Song” by The J Crew Band







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