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Welcome to our series on series Artists You Should Know is gaining momentum as we continue to showcase the best and brightest independent and up-and-coming recording artists.



Jason Edmond

His other titles notwithstanding, “My Prayer To You” is the focus of this spotlight.

The CEO of Heart Beatz Music Group and Sunshine State native is a competent an precise singer, as the aforementioned song displays. In 49 seconds, we hear the passion and clarity of his voice. By the time the song is in full swing, you are already pleased with the strong male tone and he opens up to us with assurance. If it is offered in CCM markets, I think it would do well because of its confident, but non-aggressive feel.

I dare not finish this piece without at least mentioning Edmond’s other songs, which I learned of later. “Change Your Mind (feat Mickey Platt, Jr.)” shows Edmond’s talent in vocals and (I’m inclined to believe) in pre and post production.  “Happy Times” is definitely fit for a film score and I certainly hope it finds its way to some great commercial use. It deserves to be heard. Disney/Pixar, can you hear me?

Getting back to the original focus, I admonish you to add “My Prayer To You” to your library. It is a clear picture to any male singer with a modicum of talent of what they should be aiming toward. It is also an example of someone with the gift entrepreneurship giving their gifts to promote the Kingdom. I pray for nothing but success for Jason Edmond. Look for his name and help others find this Artist You Should Know.

“My Prayer To You” by Jason Edmond



C. Ashley Brown-Lawrence

Let me prepare you for “I’ve Got The Victory” properly. You are not going to hear anything groundbreaking or innovative when you listen, but what you will hear is a wonderful arrangement of all the classic nuances we’ve come to know in Gospel music. With so many different variations on the “praise break”, it’s good to hear a song that encompasses the sound synonymous with the church.

C. Ashley Brown-Lawrence brings a wonderful presentation to the table, delivered with all the energy that a traditional “bump” deserves.  From the first hit of the click track, to the piano strike, to the musical breaks, to the rasp in her voice in just the right places.

Two inversions culminate in a familiar and adaptable reprise that surprised me. I didn’t expect a traditional flow to go so modern, but Brown-Lawrence pulls it off well and her singing is just as mind-blowing as the music. It is a wonderfully modern adaptation of everything that makes Gospel music great all in one six-minute chantey. Check out a sample from “I’ve Got The Victory” and tell other lovers of traditional church music that she is an Artist You Should Know.

“I’ve Got The Victory” by C. Ashley Brown-Lawrence



Steve McCoy

When I heard “Rest” for the first time, I was a little upset. Why? because Easter had come and gone and I would have unquestionably included in the liturgy for Resurrection Sunday service. This song perfectly sums up what Christ did for us when he hung on the cross. If anyone has any uncertainty as to the depth of the sacrifice, one good listen to this song will settle any doubts.

Steve McCoy‘s  2014 release, “Love Struck“, even though a few years old is every bit as current as the newest from anyone you can name. Featuring an all-star cast of cameos, some top picks include the aforementioned “Rest” as well as “The Lord Reigneth (feat. Britney Wright)“and “Unmerited Favor“. I like this project for its well-rounded approach to worship and fluid style. It follows patterns already heard before, but this is a play through – from beginning to end – not a pick your track collection. Steve McCoy has given the Body a quality set of songs to proclaim to the world our love for Christ. If you love singing about Jesus with boldness and excellence, this is an Artist You Should Know.



“The Lord Reigneth (feat. Britney Wright




Celeste Betton

If you are like me, you get to know a song and realize that you like it. Then when you see that an artist has covered that song, you are sometimes curios to see what that particular singer will do with the song. For example, I didn’t become a fan of Usher Raymond‘s voice until he covered Luther Vandross‘ “Superstar“. I felt that he respected the weight of the song (especially for Vandross fans) and kept the integrity of the original while still making it his own.

The same thing can be said for my experience with Celeste Betton. I am a huge Matt Redman fan from way back (1999) and loved the song “10,000 Reasons“. When I saw that this  star from The Voice had a version of the song, I was eager to see what she was going to do with it. I am well pleased with the impeccable finished product. The heavy bass rhythm is accented by her lilting voice,  which she uses as a finely tuned instrument, knowing when and where to add accents. The song is perfectly produced, as it should be from a contestant who was a favorite of this esteemed show’s viewers. It’s not easy for an artist with a more urban background to cover a CCM song without it sounding forced. One can easily tell that Betton is a seasoned singer who is well acquainted with the genre. As a matter of fact, based on her performances, I’m convinced that she could sing just about anything.

She has preserved the soundness of Redman’s original, but never reduced her creativity just to do so. If you need a good variation for worship services, want to hear a tremendous female singer or want beautifully executed music for your library, Celeste Betton, who proclaimed her unwavering Christianity throughout her stint on the national stage, is an Artist You Should Know.

“10,000 Reasons” by Celeste Betton


The AmaySing Twins

There are some songs that you simply like. They may not have the deepest lyrics or be sung by earthen angels, but they just feel good. Whether at work, in the car or cleaning the house, “I Love You” by The AmaySing Twins is just such a song.

If the biggest pop or techno star in the world began declaring their love for Jesus, this is what it would sound like. I don’t know how many times I have heard this on some late night Christian music mix. I also didn’t know it had  taken off to the monumental success it has. If the industry craves for crossovers as much as they claim, then this is definitely already geared up for the task.

Javis & Jarvis Mays have made a name for themselves separately, in both Gospel and R&B, respectively, Javis, by releasing great songs like: “Jesus Reigns” and “Grace” from his project “#Plugged In” Jarvis, with the songs “Beautiful Love” and “Can I Get A Witness“.  Both very capable singers in their own right, came together to pool their talent in a wonderful song – just in time for summer ” bumpin‘ “.

We will feature them individually in the very near future, so  check out their music and enjoy these AmaySing Twins Mays boys who sing, as they explain their name, a dual set of Artists You Should Know.


“I Love You” by The AmaySing Twins


There you have it! Another installment of AYSK. We already have more artists coming to  these pages and I’d love to have your help. If you know of any artist – from your hometown or anywhere else – that is making a positive impact and producing good music, please don’t hesitate to let us know about them via email at




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