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AYSK: Music & Matrimony

I came up at a time when Phil & Brenda Nicholas served as the template for husband and wife serving together in music ministry ( by the way, they are still going strong with “Breakthrough” released in 2014) along with them, we have had husband/wife duos like David & Nicole Binion and Bill & Gloria Gaither.  



Long-celebrated Gospel music powerhouse families like the Winans (Marvin & Vickie) and the Hawkins (Walter & Tramaine) gave us a hit from time to time under the covenant of marriage.

All of them were simply stellar in performance and execution. While the secular side has great acts like: Kindred the Family Soul and Jean & Marcus Baylor, we don’t see that type of covenant genuinely expressed through Gospel music that much anymore – or do we?

In this installment of AYSK, I’d like to highlight a few of these power couples that have gotten my attention recently. Their music is great, their relationships are beautiful and their commitment is strong. Enjoy!



Gerald & Tammi Haddon step to the stage presenting the beauty of holiness and the intimacy of marriage for this new millennium. With a smooth and stylish swagger, they open their project with a cleverly written sentiment of togetherness in “Meant To Be”.

Other songs not to miss are “Steady”,  “Happy” and of course, their worship hit “Awesome God

They have a unique style to their music and you can easily tell that both of them have tremendous musical talent. I dare say they are the “it” couple for this generation. If you miss them, you are missing a monumental success.





Grayson¦Reed come to from being in popular groups. They became a couple in 2013 and chose to pursue their musical aspirations – together. Their 6-song EP called “Walk” has incurred nation-wide acclaim. There is something to be said for the chemistry of the bloodline, but more can be said about the chemistry of love. That is what you hear from Mike and Molly (no, those are their names, forget the T.V. show), especially on songs like the single, “Fight For You” and “Bloom” (which I absolutely love). They bring their most brilliant style to the table with this project and the masterful touches abound throughout.

Though they have many years of experience, this new venture is fresh and new and whets our appetites for more tours, more music and more Grayson¦Reed.




Out Of The Dust

Though I could come up with flowery words to express my point, I choose instead to quote the words of an article by which describes this couple’s story for more accurately than any attempt I could make.

With a mix of indie, pop and folk stylings, new husband/wife duo Out Of The Dust describe themselves as a “vulnerable portrait of the brokenness and uncertainty found in the human experience.” that still ”offers hope and redemption to an aching world.” As their debut self-titled album dropped in early March, Chris and Stephanie Teague offer a message of restoration in their music with many of the new songs birthed from a difficult time in their life that saw the couple go through a separation and divorce, ultimately finding miraculous redemption in remarriage. Their story of heartbreak and healing woven through each part of the new album, Out Of The Dust is a duo that will no doubt bring hope to many listeners.




Casey & Erica were introduced by the legendary Edwin Hawkins and that is an honor in itself. An honor not squandered on Casey & Erica Pringle. Their talent warrants such esteemed attention.

This duo serves as a reflection of marriage and the modern family. Holding all the traditional values, wrapped in a package applicable for present day. One shining example is the song “My Lawd“, which features three generations (Grandparent [Casey Pringle Sr.], parents and child [singing sensation, Cameron Pringle] ). It warms the heart to see family in ministry together – even more so when it is multi-generational.

Make sure you listen to “Let God“and “Love“for a taste of that famous West Coast sound and to get a feel for the dynamic this couple shares. Speaking of sharing, one of my favorite male singers, Lawrence Matthews along with LaLa and Tyler Little  all share cameos on this project.

Be on the lookout for their upcoming single, “Living My Life“. No date yet, but they aren’t ones to let the grass grow under their feet – especially with the next generation making waves on YouTube.   They glorify God in their music and with their family. They are a treasure to music and exemplary in the bond of marriage.





Craig & Chontierah have been in our sights for some time and with Craig Jackson garnering the spotlight with his recent single, it was just  matter of time before the couple was to allow their collective talents surface. This was always the plan in Craig’s mind and with Chontierah’s sweet voice, he couldn’t allow her to not be by his side for this next leg of the journey. 

Thank You For Loving Me” is a song in line with some of the great secular duos mentioned in the introduction to this post. Slightly deceptive, one would think that the title referred to loving each other. However, it is the couples, grateful attitude toward God for His love and ultimately allowing them to enjoy a life in Him together. Now that they have broken the ice as a duo, I expect to hear more from Craig & Chontierah Jackson.


In time, I also expect everything about their music to be nothing but ….better! Stay with them and allow them to take their time. Before long the music of their hearts will be shared everywhere. Craig Jackson has his own single and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This duo is definitely going to amaze you in due time.




Caleb + Kelsey

 1 Girl Nation member, Kelsey Grimm, and Anthem Lights singer Caleb Grimm formed a side project, simply named Caleb + Kelsey. The two, married in 2014, first started by doing YouTube covers that attracted fans across the country. With great production and even better harmonies, the videos captured the attention of anyone who would listen and although no album is on the horizon yet, fans can still get their fill of Caleb + Kelsey‘s music through their YouTube channel.



Love & The Outcome

A Christian pop husband-and-wife duo out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Love & The Outcome is comprised of singer/songwriter Jodi King and bassist Chris Rademaker. Jodi was a solo artist at the start of her career, having released a debut album, Little Smile, in 2010, when Chris began sitting in on guitar at some of her gigs, although his main focus remained his own band, the Attics.

When the Attics folded, Jodi and Chris came together (both personally and creatively), and the duo of Love & The Outcome officially came into being in 2012. Signing to Word Records in 2013, the duo released their debut self-titled album that same year. The album launched Love & The Outcome as a mainstay act at Christian radio and on the touring circuit.

Their long-awaited sophomore album on Word Records, “These Are The Days, followed in September 2016. While their first project was created out of personal hardships, “These Are The Days” takes the duo into a more restful, yet celebratory, season.



He is correct in that we need to have the discussion of marriage for the Christian clarified and instilled once again. Thankfully, there are families that uphold the truth of what God ordained marriage to be. Within the realm of Christian music, there is still a remnant. We just featured a few of the many duos that sing these ordained truths earnestly.


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