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There are so many talented people producing incredible music that, with a little research and a listening ear, one can find great music that aptly fits a local assembly or a personal work time, stirring the heart of the listener. In this edition of AYSK, we will highlight a few great artists whose names you may not know, but whose music you should.



Know Jesus” is easily one of the coolest songs I’ve heard in a while and just in time for summer. “With You God” has a vibe reminiscent of a hit from William Becton or Sounds of Blackness —  a true head-rocker. “I Decree” is a definite worship tune, fit for any service to preclude a powerful message of faith. If that be the case, “Warrior” is the song you sing after one’s faith has been stirred.

If you are a fan of a hopeful, jubilant sound without all the heavy, complicated trappings that some music has, but good singing is a must, this record is for you.

He allows me to know what the Christian voice of this generation sounds like. Time-honored principles. Modern interpretation. Jovonta has been giving us great music for a while now (think: “Let’s Make A Change”) and “Finally Living” is no exception. First things first, get to “Know Jesus“, and shortly after, get to know Jovonta Patton.


“Know Jesus” by Jovonta Patton





Like so many others, I have been connected to Dayanna Redic through social media for a while. I followed the journey, keeping up on every post, watching every video, enjoying every update. I feel as if I am attending a hard-fought, well-earned victory celebration in listening to her new single, “I’m Not What You See“.

We lack prominent female role models in modern music. I would consider Dayanna to be one without reservation. 


Listen to the incredible singer,  with a voice that rises and falls blissfully within the song. Every note beautifully accurate and orchestrated as incredible as the music itself. Also, listen to the encouraging song. Its lyrics paint a picture all too familiar to many young girls (and even young boys) everywhere. Let’s be clear; music ministry sometimes begins with pain and ends with freeing others from that same pain. Not only is her music tested through experience, it is heart-felt and inspiring to those who will encounter the same challenges for years to come.

We need more from her and she needs support from us. Let’s tell everyone about this Artist You Should Know.



“I’m Not What You See” by Dayanna Redic





Until now, there were three men in the independent movement whose tenacity and work ethic I truly respected: Jason Shepard (J. Shep), Davie Moore, Dr. Shaun Sanders and now I can add to that list, Chris Plant, Jr. All of them have a similar vibe and their music is full of fresh, original ideas that reflect what God has given them personally which are supported by  the tried-and true ideals that have sustained them.

Worthy Of Glory“, “You Lord (feat. Marcella Ratliff)” and “Free (feat. Jonathan Nelson)” are instant favorites and rightfully so. They are songs which reveal the exact sound I am speaking about. This is an artist with big dreams and even bigger talent. I certainly hope to see him live real soon so that I can see him do his work, “God’s Way“.


“Free (feat. Jonathan Neslon)” by Chris Plant, Jr.





The Haddon family nam has been buzzing around these pixilated pages for a few weeks now. Probably because the bloodline continues to be relevant and release great music. Each Haddon doing something different from the last and paving the way for the next. Dietrick allowed us to meet the family and featured every generation that he could on his records for over ten years. Gerald and Deitrick exposed their major production skills with Bishop Noel Jones & City Of Refuge‘s “It’s Not About Us” with Gerald and wife Tammi stepping into the spotlight with a nationwide worship tune sensation called “Awesome” and their stellar project “#USDeitrick never faded to the background, but instead reached ahead and grabbed a new generation as young as the one he started his journey with called LXW.

Another Haddon has now taken center stage with a fresh sound and a new perspective. Never living in the shadow of any before, she makes her voice heard loud and clear with a song called “Aliens“, which has that familiar Haddon breakthrough sound , but allows Clareta Haddon to do her own thing.

Her sound is hers alone, especially on the title cut,  “Contagious“, which is a fave of mine. Hopefully, this trend-setting process will be evident to future generations.


There is no shame in her boldness with musical style, nor is there any shame in her stand for Christ. The Haddons have always been greeted with great acclaim because their music and their message is….shall we call it….”Contagious“?



Jeremy Rosado

Our first taste of new music from Jeremy Rosado is his new “Rewind” EP holds a collection of songs sure to encourage you and get you on your feet.

The title track opens with a soulful, upbeat reminder of God’s grace. From there, you are treated to a short but exciting five-song EP that reflects the singer’s signature style. The songs that are most gripping are “Trust”, “Mystery” and the aforementioned “Rewind”. The lyrical content is steadfast in its resolve to exalt God and proclaim His Kingdom. The reason that Jeremy is an Artist You Should Know is because he embodies faith, talent and humility. Jeremy Rosado, a name you should remember.


This project does an admirable job of holding on to that successful pop sound while marveling at God and His creation of the world. You owe it to yourself to give this singer a good listen. His work is good and his calling is sure.


“Rewind” by Jeremy Rosado



Another episode or AYSK is complete with more artists coming to these pixilated pages . If you know of any artist – from your hometown or anywhere else – that is making a positive impact and producing good music, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or blurb and let us know about them via email at Thank you.


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