The witty, insightful and whimsical ranting of Marlowe Cribbs has been featured on internet radio across four stations for more than 5 years. Enjoy many of the best of his famous


Cribbs Top Ten List

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Ten Ways To Reverse The Effects Of Television & Social Media


Ten Types Of People That Make The Church A Dangerous Place


Ten Holes In The House (which sin creeps in)


Ten Environmental Influences


Ten Cartoon Characters That Show Up In A Toxic Relationship


Ten Celebrities That Have Ruined EVERYTHING!


Ten Questions For The Prodigal Son’s Brother

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Ten Reasons For The Chasm Between Traditional & Contemporary Worshippers


Ten Ways To Tell If It’s The Spirit Or The Flesh


Ten Things We Can Learn From The Prodigal Son


Ten Reason Men Don’t Come To Church

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Ten Things The Devil Is Accused Of & Ten Things He’s Actually Doing


Ten Things You Do NOT Say To A Woman


Ten Places To Stop On Your Way To A NON-TOXIC Relationship


Top Ten Dictator Lines In The Church


Top Ten Unusual Things That God Has Called Us To

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The Urban Message With Erick Townsend – Part One: The Argument


The Urban Message With Erick Townsend – Part Two: Presidential Parenting


The Urban Message With Erick Townsend – Part Three: Hip Hop Reparations


The Urban Message With Erick Townsend – Ten Things That I Hate That I Like

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Top Ten Distractions During Worship


Top Ten – Message To (the late) Brittany Maynard


Top Ten Answers To The Question: “What do you want me to do?” Child Discipline Strategies


Top Ten Things I Need To Do BESIDES Church



Here we are again, True Believers! Another episode of everyone’s favorite fantasy. Filled with side-splitting, spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat suspense….

Nah! It’s just the humorous and insightful Cribbs Top Ten List.


Top Ten Secular Principles The Church Could Stand To Follow


Top Ten Questions A Sinner Would Ask A Saint


Top Ten Hints That You Should Bring Your Sermon To A Close


10 Tips For The Young Minister


Top Ten Medications For Our Friends


Ten Mind Statements & Body Responses


Ten Things You Can Do To Free Your Mind


Ten Things The Michael Brown Case Has Taught Me About The United States Of America


Pastors & Leaders: Ten Clues That You May Need To Close Your Church

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Ten New Locations Where We Can Now Have Church


Ten Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Church


Ten Things Marlowe Cribbs “Covets”


Ten Attitudes You Didn’t Know About In High Profile Relationships



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Special Guest On Controversial Corner: Marlowe Cribbs


Ten Ways To Battle Depression During The Holidays


Ten Things I Learned In June 2015 (“Baseline” w/ Chris Base)


Ten People Involved In Most “Church Hurt” Incidents