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Quarter Mile Inc.

offers several skills and services provided by Marlowe Cribbs.

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Quarter-Mile Writing Services

Communicating your organization’s message is vital to its success.  Your content must be written in the simplest, yet most informative way possible. Quarter-Mile Writing Services can help you achieve consistency, accuracy, clarity and much more. Providing the highest quality of copy writing and editing services over the last 20 years, our clients have included people at all levels and in all industries. It is our charge to stay abreast of current trends in the market, documentation, and the various industries of our clientele.

 If you are seeking a professional service to offer copy work with an extremely detailed and conscientious individualism, a fresh perspective on your vision or idea, to provide skill in Microsoft Programs, PowerPoint/Excel and assess your goals and effectively market your achievements.


 What Professional Writing Services Does Quarter-Mile offer?

QM Writing Services can write all your promotional copy to help educate, convert, and sell customers on your products and services. Take a look at all the writing services that can help your company achieve its highest potential.

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 Quarter Mile Broadcasting

Even as digital media grows in popularity, television and radio broadcasting remain a constant presence in most American homes. A broadcast program or commercial isn’t worth listening to unless the voice behind it sounds great. But the DJ and the host aren’t the only ones providing voices heard on the radio. Every time a station skips to commercials (or returns from commercials), a catchy voice is there to remind listeners which station they’ve decided to tune into – as well as reminding listeners why it’s worth keeping the dial right where it is. A great voice and fluid words also invite listeners to remember and seek out your brand. Quarter-Mile Broadcasting can deliver stunning results through the power of the human voice and the English language. Listening to Radio and Audio should be a satisfying experience – and Marlowe Cribbs will make it just that.

What Broadcasting/Voice  Services Does Quarter-Mile offer?

Conceptualizing and Recording Programs  *  Planning, Developing and Executing  *   Various Media Projects  *  Time Management and Problem Solving   *  Verbal and Written Command over the English Language  *  Organizational and Planning Skills  *  Knowledge of News and Events  *  Reporting and Creative Skills  *  Voice Overs  *  Commercials/Advertisements  *  Guest Hosting  *  Radio Drops  *  Announcing

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Quarter-Mile Music

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In addition to writing songs, Cribbs is a precise and versatile vocalist. His silky-smooth vocal styling has served as an example for such prolific artists as Jonathan McReynolds, Anita Wilson and Kevin Gray. Over the years, he’s delivered stirring performances and continues to be a template for aspiring singers everywhere. Also an orator, Cribbs insists that effectiveness is best experienced when words are used with precision and flow with power and authority

Marlowe Cribbs is able to connect with a variety of people – both on and off stage. Simplifying the intricacies of everyday life into terms that are relative to generations past and present is an amazing gift he possesses. Whether his singing voice is accompanied by music or his speaking voice arrests the attention of his listeners, Marlowe Cribbs can make any occasion a memorable affair.


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