Man Skills 

Whether it’s doing something mundane: taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, speaking in public or doing something spectacular like captivating an audience or changing a tire in the middle of a rainstorm. Every man just needs to be reminded of his duties or sharpened in his talents. We’re here to help every man be a better man.

covered_barbecuecocktail partyLook at this series as the go-to guide for learning things you need every day. We’re here to make you the man you want to be and then help you support it. Sometimes quick to the point and sometimes in-depth – we will always give it to you straight. You may need to know what social graces are required at a formal function. You may need to be briefed on making the right moves with a lady or just a beginner course on how to fire up the old grill. We want to highlight it here.

We welcome your advice, testimonies and questions. That’s why we started this to hear your needs. Man Skills: everything that makes being a man great and being a great man….better!


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