Artists You Should Know

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7. CD PANEL-page-001In 2012, and the brand Cribbsification were launched to promote Relativity: The Marlowe Cribbs Project. An effort that took 3 years to complete, 7 years to cultivate and a lifetime to create. The thinking behind it was to be as professional as possible while allowing audiences to discover who I am as an individual.

As I researched how best to promote the project, one resounding bit of advice kept ringing out: promoters and labels want to know what other people are saying about you. If you have press, that is a good thing. Along this musical journey, I continue to come in contact with some of the brightest and most gifted artists, producers and musicians in the world. Many of which don’t get the press that would show the world their immense talent. Now that I have this platform and know that every good artist needs a spotlight, I developed Artists You Should Know an introduction into the lives and music of the unsung heroes who are blessing many with their incredible gifts under the guise of independence.

 Many of them are proclaiming their testimony of grace for the cause of Christ.  Others are simply masters of the music arts and , while their message isn’t necessarily Gospel, it is positive and relative. I am proud of them and want to share their stories with you.

If you know of an artist  in your area that is doing quality Kingdom work with integrity, professionalism and valor, by all means, let us know at or reach out to us on our Facebook Page. Help us show artistry that is untainted by industry.  Every artist that does the work of positioning their gifts properly is an Artist You Should Know.

Season One

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Marco Anthonty11000430_618924324876175_4823374458934377350_n 289643_2313825250490_5988441_oSong of Deliverance 2


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Andre Crittendon 1




J ShepCBM Persona Promo

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Season Two

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Eric Sanders2

I Will Worship (Single Cover) (1)Jazmine Joneskimberly eichelle2

Candy WestBishop Bryant K. mARTIN2

minon2macioharris2 cynthia nunn

Rickey Harvey Jr. 2-page-001 Danielle X. Smith2jaquoi griffin                                                                  YIU2


Isaiah Temptleton 1 10888730_10152990697276079_4653945538700535308_nChristina (1)Livre 2


 10474105_fb_1460058018.5439_funds660487713510991_3857989607921_4778496082026152391_nTierra Brockman 2

Melonie DanielsRobert Hawkins1

Season Three

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