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Marlowe Cribbs LOVES cars!

Having said that, I can also declare that I watch too many car shows, I am too involved in racing, and all I ever think about is cars. I – like many of you – was drafted into this passion at a young age, playing with (now vintage) Tootsie Toy, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars (the battle between Hot Wheels and Matchbox is still going on). Begging for electric racing sets for Christmas (and getting them!) ignited my love for cars. Riding in the new family car and playing with the buttons, studying the actuating of the ashtray, looking at the detail in the hub caps (yes, I said hub caps), and looking for hours at the character lines and facias gave me an appreciation for car design and engineering.

While many of my buddies are watching the NBA and ditching church for football, I am the oddball of the group. They look at the draft and I look at the point standings. I do need to surround myself with more car-minded individuals but I stand firm in my resolve. I LOVE CARS! Everything about them intrigues me and they give me something to look forward to long after the seasons for stick-and-ball sports are over. Car shows? I’m in! NASCAR, Indy or F1? I’m there. Press Shows and Dealership Events? That’s me!

 I am a Christian, an artist, an educator and a journalist, in addition to all that, I am a true car enthusiast, gearhead, petrol head, car nerd or whatever you want to call it. Let me take you on a journey. A trip through the auto industry as I see it. I will explore the big news, look at the small news, share my thoughts and my experiences. Along the way, you’ll laugh, you’ll nod, you’ll scream with praise or disagreement. Whatever the case, we will be talking. Talking about my favorite subject… The automobile.

That’s me! The only people who may read these articles to the end are those that feel like I do, so lets’ buckle up slam it in gear and press forward to any of the titles listed below and see where the road takes us.



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Political In-CAR-ectness

The 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF

The Effeffe Berlinetta

George Barris – King of Customs







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