Help Us To Help Others…

Cribbsification is a movement that presents techniques of discipline and high moral standards to people via online commentary, musical events, radio programs, public speaking and workshops.

Reaching people is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Many have expressed their sincere desire to participate in making a positive impact people through raising them to a higher level of thinking. At, we are doing just that. In order to help with the expenses of our upcoming programs we are asking for your partnership.

You can do that by obtaining a copy of “Relativity – The Marlowe Cribbs Project”. You not only can enjoy the good music therein, but you can share the opportunity with your friends, colleagues and business associates. 

Please also prayerfully consider a donation to support the ministry, click the Donate button below to make a contribution.

writing-a-check-blink-imagesDirect Donations of credit card donations of $10, $20, $25, $100 or any amount will go a long way to keeping our efforts alive. 

Write a check payable to Cribbsification or Marlowe Cribbs and email us at We will forward you our donation address. 

If you would like explore becoming an advertiser or underwriter of Cribbsification, you can call our contact line at 773-609-4687 or email for further information and special package offering.


Your donation will service two wonderful purposes:

#1)     A portion will go to GRIP Outreach Youth Services, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to address the needs of fatherless teenagers in Chicago’s inner city. Connecting these youth with caring Christian mentors to build “life-on-life” relationships, GRIP provides programs and recreation to develop young people spiritually, mentally, and physically.

#2) Another portion of your donation will go to support and continue God’s calling for Kingdom building in music, media and journalism.

Every time that you give in order to take care of the needs represented in the lives of those we touch, you are demonstrating your faith by your deeds just like the words recorded in James 2:14-17 reminds us. God is pleased with your demonstration of love in His name…thank you and may the Lord multiply back to you abundantly for what you have sown into us.

We continue to be thankful for God working in the of our work and sincerely thank you for referring us to resources that will be needed to make this work successful in addition to your prayers, financial consideration and continued support.

With All Gratitude,

M. E. Cribbs, Founder, Cribbsification/Quarter-Mile, Inc.