BIO PAGE Raised in the home of a former Blues musician and influenced by Gospel music at an early age, M. E. Cribbs had no choice but to develop an eclectic musical ear. This would serve him greatly as he excelled in his musical ventures. He is considered a lyricist of the highest order and with artists such as; The Chicago Mass Choir, Dorinda Clark-Cole, New Direction, Reed’s Temple Choir and Mark Hubbard & The United Voices in his clientry, this has been proven time and time again throughout his Musical History.

In addition to writing songs, Cribbs is a precise and versatile vocalist. His silky-smooth vocal styling has served as an example for such prolific artists as Jonathan McReynolds, Anita Wilson and Kevin Gray. Over the years, he’s delivered stirring performances and continues to be a template for young singers everywhere. Also a clergyman, Cribbs insists that effective music is the segue for the Word of God to flow with power and authority

A writer, a radio personality, an orator, a journalist, a singer, a mentor and a car enthusiast, he continues to move in excellence as a cosmopolitan man. He is able to connect with a variety of people – both on and off stage. Simplifying the intricacies of everyday life into terms that are relative to generations past and present is a unique ability that he possesses. He has garnered the respect of seasoned and aspiring artists with a plethora of well-penned songs in his Musical Catalog.

Marlowe Cribbs enjoys sharing his talents as much as those who enjoy their experience with him. His words are precise, his heart is open and his voice is distinct. He is a gift to the world that has yet to be revealed in its entirety.

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